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Microsoft Updates Skype for Android with Some New Features

The update brings small visual improvements, as well as a few fixes. It is available as of Wednesday.


Here is the detailed information about the new features and fixes of the latest version:

  • Calls tab interface update with quick call options and new dialer button
  • Group call now indicates current active speaker
  • Resolved audio routing issues when playing voice messages

This is a standard, run-of-the-mill update that slightly improves user's experience. The update applies automatically and is available for download through Google Store as well.

The small update is just another entry in the long list of recent improvements of . is continuing the ongoing update cycle of its video and voice chat application on all platforms.

Unifying Skype experience

The company has given Skype much attention lately, debuting the Skype Insider program and before that. However, most of the focus is reportedly on trying to make a single Skype experience.

There are numerous rumors that claim the company is working on “Skype for Life”, a new service that would cover all Skype bases across platforms. The Skype experience currently differs regarding different platforms. For instance, the experience on is different to the one on iOS, even if these are quite small subtleties.

Microsoft is also deep into the development of the Skype Preview app for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The Skype Preview is likely the company's solution to making Skype experience the same on all platforms.

Currently, Microsoft has numerous Skype desktop and mobile apps that offer uneven experiences. The number of these clients is rather excessive, maybe even unnecessary. Creating one cross-platform client that covers Windows Linux, , iOS, and Android would provide a well-rounded solution for all parties.

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