Microsoft Working to Fix Global Azure DNS Outage

A problem with Azure was first reported this morning. Microsoft says the DNS outage is impacting some customers around the world and that it is looking into the situation to find a fix.

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has taken to its Azure status page to report a huge global DNS outage. The company says Azure users will experience a worldwide outage. However, Microsoft says the problem is affecting a “subset of customers”. The first reports of the DNS outage started coming in at 11:48 UTC. In its report, the company says its engineers are working to find the cause and fix it.

Judging by user complaints, quite a few Azure service has been impacted by the issue. Among them is App Service, Web Apps, API Management, SQL Database, and HDInsight. Members also say Media Service, Service Bus, and Visual Studio Team Service are also affected.

That is a widespread array of cloud services. Microsoft points out that the service will be functioning poorly throughout this incident. Customer with working Azure services may see degraded availability as Microsoft looks for a fix.


The company explained the situation earlier today:

“Starting at 11:48 UTC 15 Sep, 2016 a subset of customers using DNS in multiple regions may experience difficulties connecting to their resources hosted in this region. Knock-on impact is being experienced by several additional Azure services, which are detailed in the post below. Engineers have identified a possible underlying cause, and are working to determine mitigation options. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes, or as events warrant.”

Microsoft has also placed a table of functioning services and those that are not across regions. Users are naturally unhappy with the situation. It is worth remembering that Azure is a paid service, so customers have a right to be miffed.