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Microsoft’s Latest Office iOS Update Released

Version 1.25 of Office for iOS brings a number of features to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The release brings a China-focused integration feature and brings laser pointing tools to PowerPoint.


has sent out its latest update for the Office apps on 's iOS, moving to version 1.25. The update brings with it a couple of new features. One of the additions to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint focuses on Chinese users predominantly.

Apple's iOS is, of course, a huge ecosystem and Microsoft is among the biggest developers on the platform. The company decided to split the Office services into separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. The three of those apps have become popular on iOS, and indeed on .

As we mentioned, one of the key new features targets Chinese users. The release makes it possible to store and access their Office files with Edmodo and Tencent. This feature is available across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


That's not the only new feature. Microsoft has introduced the ability to use the Office suite of apps for presentations. More specifically, PowerPoint has scored a new way to use the laser pointer. Users can now use their devices directly as a pointer. Once the device is pointing to the screen, a press and hold will turn on the laser pointer.

With the laser pointer feature, only users with an will be able to use it. That makes a bunch of sense considering using a tablet as a pointer would look ridiculous. Another thing to point out about this is feature is that it is only available for Office 365 subscribers.

The new features continue with what's called Smart Lookup. Microsoft describes this as a new way to easily get information, images, and more. This can be achieved by pressing and holding a word of sentence and selecting Smart Lookup. This is a document editing feature available solely in Word.

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