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Microsoft Updates Visual Studio Code with New Workbench Themes and Debugging Improvements

Visual Studio Code v1.5 brings key UI enhancements, as well as improved extension support, debugging and sensibility APIs.


's Code offers developers a free, intuitive text editor with internal debugging and Git commands. The project has been gradually extending its functionality each month, and this one is no exception.

The team has now released version 1.5, and with it comes a number of new features. This build sports “key updates” to UI, extension support, debugging and¬†extensibility APIs.

Visual Studio Code 1.5 Release Notes

As usual, Microsoft has a full changelog for this build, and we've provided their summary for you below:

  • Workbench: Bring the File Explorer to life with File Icon Themes. VS Code ships with two icon themes with more available on the Marketplace.
  • Debugging: The console [REPL] just got a whole lot more usable with IntelliSense for Node.js as well as debug protocol additions to support IntelliSense by other debug extensions. We also added support for multi-line input.
  • Extensions:
    • You can now quickly see an extension's contributions (commands, settings, languages). Both for your installed extensions and those on the Marketplace.
    • Sort your Marketplace extension searches by installation count and ratings.
    • Turn on auto update or use Update All for your installed extensions.
  • Editor: New settings to control word wrap and auto save.
  • Quick Open: Performance improvements with Quick Open for large projects.
  • Extension Authoring: Expanded editor command API to support VIM emulation.”

The plan was to offer this build fully translated, but it appears that this is not the case. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, there were delays in the translation process. The team didn't want to hold the release, so extra language support will come in an update soon.

Following the release, a recovery build was pushed out. An issue was causing editor.fontSize to be set to 0, which was making using the application difficult. Version 1.5.1 removes this problem, and can you can access it here.

It's also worth giving the full release notes a read, as they go into far more detail about the changes.

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 3:44 pm CEST

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