Microsoft’s Windows 10 Takes 22.99% of Desktop Market Share in August

August was another solid month for Windows 10 as Microsoft’s platform increased its market position by 1.86%, according to new data from NetMarketShare.

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The latest figures from have been released today, showing steady growth for . The market research firm r has released its monthly report with details of desktop browser share through August. As you can see in the image above, 's Windows 10 now accounts for 22.99% of the market.

In July, we wrote how the platform had grown to claim 19.14% of the market in July. By the start of August that share had climbed another 1.99% to 21.13% overall. A few weeks on and once again Windows 10 has jumped, this time to 22.99%, a 1.86% gain in a month.

The platform continues to grow impressively. However, Microsoft's free upgrade program ended July 29 so it will be interesting to see if growth rates continue. Certainly, the Anniversary Update is an enticing reason to get Windows 10 post free upgrade.


NetMarketShare shows that Windows 10 still trails behind Windows 7 in the desktop OS market. The two generation old platform accounts for 47.01%. Windows 10 will grow against Windows 7, but interestingly the latter also grew in August with a 0.24% rise.

Windows XP

is amazing to us. The 15 year old build is still accounting for 9.36% of the market, but did slip from 10.34% last month. We will always hammer this drum, but XP's legacy is best displayed next to Microsoft's main rivals. 's OS X 10.11 claims 4.38% of the market and Linux takes 2.11% of the market.

XP is beating two that are updated for modern use, it is amazing. Incidentally, both OSX 10.11 and Linux also lost market share during the last month. It was these two platforms and Windows XP that Windows 10 took share from. Windows 8.1 now manages 7.92% of the market, a slight bump from 7.8% last month.