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Microsoft Launches OneNote Web Clipper for Firefox

The OneNote Web Clipper is now available to browsers on Firefox, after previously launching on Microsoft Edge and Chrome. The service lets users clip parts of webpages, edit them, and share the edits.


has become a major developer on iOS and Android, while also making inroads on Linux. However, the company also develops for rival browsers, such as with the OneNote Web Clipper for . The extension has now been officially released for Mozilla's web browser, Microsoft confirmed.

If you are unfamiliar with the OneNote Web Clipper, it is a useful web tool. It offers browsers a simple way to cut/capture, annotate, edit, and share information on the internet. In the editing process, users can cut parts of web pages. This is ideal if you want to send information, like a recipe for example. You can cut out the usual web page clutter and just send the information you want.

OneNote Clipper is a cross-platform service. Users can access their edited clipped web pages on any device, whether it is PC, tablet, or mobile phone:

“Keep all your web research in one place. Clip it to OneNote, organize it, and access it from any device.”

If you are interested in grabbing the OneNote Web Clipper on Firefox, you should head to https://www.onenote.com/clipper. The service is completely free to use and is also available for Chrome and browsers. If you are running Firefox as your daily driver, you will need version 48 and above for the clipper.

We gave the web clipper a quick test and like it. It's simple, easy to use, and does what it says on the tin. Sure, it was little slow for working quickly on the fly, but that could have been connection issues. Take a look at the main image to see the results. We could have got more intricate with the cut, such as cutting articles, full page, or selecting a smaller part of the page.

Growing OneNote

Microsoft has been pushing OneNote this year with myriad new features. The company sees the service as a potent rival to Evernote and is going after the market share. Indeed, Microsoft has actively pursued Evernote users with a tool that lets them import notes to OneNote. This tool is available on Windows and recently was launched on Mac OS.

Just this week the company update the OneNote for Android beta. The update brought the often requested ability to open password protected sections, as well as audio recording, embedded files and more.

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