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Microsoft Releases New Office 365 Education Tools for Teachers and Students

Microsoft Classroom and a suite of other tools will help students and teachers to collaborate and manage effectively in the coming year.


September is almost upon us, and it appears has some big plans for the new school year. Today the company introduced a new set of tools to help with collaboration.

“Microsoft Classroom” couples with Office 365 to improve assignment and content workflow. Teachers can use Office documents they already have or create new ones using the Office suite.

“With this one-stop destination, educators get back precious instructional time,” says Tony Prophet, Corporate Vice President, Education Marketing,” they can focus on what they're truly passionate about – transforming the lives of students.”

Data Sync and Microsoft Forms

Keeping connected is not just a problem for educators. IT administrators also struggle, and as such Microsoft has developed Data Sync.

The technicians can connect existing systems to Office 365 via a sign-in portal, while also automating Microsoft Classroom set up. You can go here to begin the process.

Also released was . To save on paper for quizzes and surveys teachers can now create a variety of questionnaires via Office 365 Education. Microsoft says this will help tailor teaching to the student's needs.

OneNote Ink and Learning Tools

You may have missed the Office Insider update earlier this week, but it has one important feature Microsoft is touting. New Windows 10 exclusive “OneNote Ink” gives students help with equations.


It recognizes math and allows students to show their thought process, while teachers focus on the gaps in their understanding. It also lets pupils shade, sketch, draft and share ideas. You can access the new functionality now.

We also mentioned the new Learning Tools changes recently, but Microsoft has gone into further detail about the suite. It's no longer limited to English and is available in a whole host of new languages.

Through these changes, and the ones coming up, Microsoft hopes to “empower every student on the planet to achieve more.” With these new additions, they may have done just that.

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