Microsoft Takes Aim at Apple in New Surface Pro 4 Commercial

The company has attacked Apple’s claim that the iPad Pro is a computer in the latest ad for the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft launched the commercial on YouTube.

iPad Pro Surface Pro  official

's latest commercial for the has set 's firmly in its crosshairs. More specifically, the company is going after Apple's own “What's a Computer?” ad campaign. In that campaign, Cupertino says the iPad Pro is a true computer solution, something Microsoft disagrees with. When Microsoft has gone after other companies before, it has not always worked out. The Scroogled campaign waged war with Google under Steve Ballmer's tenure, but was a mixed bag. However, while the company's claims of sometimes been a hard sale, this one is different. In terms of computing machines, the 4 owns the iPad Pro. There, we said it. In its latest campaign posted on YouTube today, Microsoft names the ad “What's a Computer? Just ask Cortana”. The company doubles down on the not too subtle Apple bashing in the video description: “Just because you call something a computer doesn't mean it fits the description.” In the video, Apple's VA Siri is holding a party for a new Smart Keyboard. She tells the Surface Pro 4 “I'm a computer now, like you.” However, the Surface Pro 4 is not having that and questions the iPad Pro about its computing credentials. For example, does it have an Intel Core I7, full Microsoft Office, a trackpad, external ports? No is the answer.

Which is Best?

The truth is, we could argue that Apple started this war of words. The company has marketed the iPad Pro as a true solution to a PC. However, Microsoft correctly points out that the Surface Pro 4 is a computer, and not an alternative. It also happens to bring plenty of classic uses to the party. As a tablet for and surfing internet on the couch, we could argue the iPad Pro is the winner. However, if productivity and true PC power are what you want, the Surface Pro 4 wins comfortably.