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Mojang Announces Latest Minecraft Snapshot Showing Bugs and Recent Changes

The latest Minecraft Snapshot details all the recent changes made by Mojang recently, while also focusing on finding bugs. The company also teased some more substantial features to be launched at Minecon next month.


developer Mojang has embraced the huge community that emerged around the game. The -owned company tries to keep the game up to date and teeming with features. Indeed, Minecraft is consistently getting a large amount of new changes through Snapshots.

Mojang has this week announced the latest Snapshot to the community. As usual, the release details the numerous changes the company has made to Minecraft recently. This includes improvements to the game, bug fixes, internal enhancements, and bugs the company is working on.

You can check out the full list of changes below:

  • Some mobs are now more afraid to get wet in the water
  • There are now more spawn eggs for many different mobs and this time they are working properly, so we'll keep them
  • Mob types are now separated
  • Changed the duration of hunger and saturation effects
  • Broke some bugs so they should not happen anymore
  • Resource pack format changed slightly, it's now using version 3
  • Most commands can now use blockstate definitions instead of a numerical metadata value
  • Snowmen are now 10% less derpy
  • More robust handling of invalid items and hopefully less duping bugs due to this change
  • Lightning storm will now attract less skeleton horses

Coming Changes

As is normal, the changes are quite extensive. However, there are still plenty of bugs out there, even some that Mojang is unaware of. The company is asking users to help find these bugs in Minecraft and report them. Fixes will then be sent out in future Snapshot releases. This latest Snapshot names a long list of known bugs that can be found at the source.

Mojang also teased that more substantial new game features will be announced at Minecon. The event is a Minecraft oriented conference running in Anaheim, California on September 24 and 25.

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