Avatar Wheelchairs Microsoft Twitter

In July, we reported that Microsoft is expanding its inclusive gaming aspirations. That involved the company creating avatars with wheelchairs as part of the company’s “inclusive design”. Users had petitioned the company for the change and the Xbox team duly obliged. Now the company is expanding its initiative even more with GamerPics.

The company is seeking feedback from disabled gamers for new GamerPics. More specifically, the Xbox team through Bryce Johnson tweeted the following:

Microsoft is seeking feedback on how to create GamerPics that best represent PWD gamers. Johnson suggested that custom gamer images would be a good way to go, and fielded some suggestions on the matter.


One idea was to have an icon in the corner of current GamerPics to donate a gamer with a disability.

Those interested in contributing ideas can contact Microsoft or speak to Bryce on Twitter.

Expanding Inclusivity on Xbox

As we mentioned last month, Microsoft is working hard to build the socially conscious aspects of gaming. The company wants a more inclusive environment. The Xbox platform should be a positive experience for all people, even those with disabilities. One example of this in action is the recent Xbox Social Gaming Sprint that we discussed in June:

“The Xbox Social Gaming Sprint hosted by design strategist Kris Woolery mentioned the implementation of closed captioning or emoji’s for those with hearing difficulties, while also increasing the awareness of other handicaps.”