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Microsoft Updates PowerApps App in Windows Store

Microsoft has updated its custom app creator with dates and times, new sample apps and templates, pass parameters and more features.


has pushed an update for the public preview version of app in the . The latest release bumps up the app to version 2016.725.50.288 and includes improvements to create, use and share custom-built apps easily.

The changes introduced in PowerApps:

  • Dates appear in DatePicker controls by default.
  • Explore new sample apps and templates
  • Pass parameters while running an app in the browser using a query string.

As per Microsoft's latest release notes, the full changelog for the update:

  1. “Dates and times when you create an app automatically.

If you create an app automatically from a data source that includes date information, the app will show that information on EditScreen1 in a DatePicker control by default. If the source also includes time information, it will appear in Drop down controls.

  1. New sample apps and templates.

You can open a sample app that demonstrates a scenario such as showcasing products, surveying employee engagement, checking out assets, and helping a new employee choose a health plan.

  1. Pass parameters while running an app in the browser using a query string.
  2. Deprecated data sources from Project Siena.

If you created or updated an app in the beta 4 release of Project Siena to include data from any of these sources, that data will no longer appear if you run or edit the app in PowerApps:

  • on-premises SharePoint sites
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • REST services that weren't created by using a WADL file
  • RSS

If you open the app for editing, an error icon will notify you which control or controls have properties that refer to a deprecated data source.”

Microsoft PowerApps allows users to create applications for Windows, iOS, and mobile devices. Using this app, you can create connections to common SaaS services, including , Office 365, Dropbox, and Excel.

PowerApps Features:

  • Create apps from gorgeous templates
  • Create apps from data connecting to SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, Drive and more
  • Use the app yourself or share them with colleagues in your organization
  • Add business logic and intelligence using the power of Excel-like expressions
  • Compose rich interactive visuals and media to create custom, unique apps

You can download the public preview version of PowerApps here.

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