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Beta Version of Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Now Available

Microsoft has limited the Beta test to just a few regions so not all users will see it. There is however a simple tweak to make it visible for everyone.


Users whose phone settings indicate their region as the US won't be able to download the app. The workaround is for them to change their location to Germany or France and to just revert back to their US location once they have downloaded the app.

To provide users with unique Windows-only experiences, brings some elements of the interface into the apps. An example is the Live Tiles feature, which enables users to quickly see new photos, messages, and posts right from their home screen.

The Live Tiles feature enables users to easily keep up with their friends. It enables them to easily see what their family and friends are up to. It also now makes it easier and faster for them to read and share articles from the News Feed.

Other features of the apps include notifications, comment stickers, and Reactions. The right-hand column also shows the trending topics, event reminders. and birthdays.

In addition to users' favorite Facebook Messenger features, which include GIFs, group conversations, stickers, and photo sharing, the Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 PCs  is also capable of providing the user with desktop notifications to ensure that they see all of their important messages. In addition, users can pin the app to their Start menu in order to receive new message notifications via Live Tiles.

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