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Microsoft Patent Suggests Possible Surface Book 2 Hinge


A filing found by Patent Yogi shows a new developed hinge system that seems to have improvements over the hinge.

Microsoft's R&D results in plenty of excellent devices and services that are hugely popular, and plenty or ones that aren't. However, not everything cooked up by the company gets realized as a fully-fledged product, so looking at and deciding which Microsoft will develop fully.


The latest patent discovered by the folks at Patent Yogi have found a filing for a multi-axis multi-pivot armadillo hinge that appears to be something that could indeed be a future improvement. It is very similar to the hinge that is currently found on the Surface Book, but seems to be an update on that design, maybe reserved for the Surface Book 2?

According to the filing, the hinge “can stabilize an entire device” with a recline and fold feature, while it also has a hinge cover that protects it from getting pinches and blockages. Patent Yogi adds that like the current Surface Book, the hinge allows for the device to be separated so users can take advantage of the unit as a tablet or a laptop.


The description relates to devices such as computing devices that have hinged portions. One example can include a first portion and a second portion. This example can also include a multi-pivot hinge unit rotatably securing the first and second portions. This example can further include a set of rigid hinge cover portions that are configured to be able to rotate relative to none another while collectively covering the multi-pivot unit.


Taking this hybrid notion a step further, the new hinge can also allow two touchscreens to be attached together instead of the keyboard.

While the patent is dated back to 2014, it is likely something Microsoft is still working on. At the very least the company is almost definitely working on improving the Surface Book for a second iteration of the device, an improved hinge is a logical hardware upgrade.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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