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Cortana users on Apple’s iOS can now launch Microsoft’s virtual assistant by using their voice thanks to a new update in the App Store.

Microsoft has rolled out a simple update for Cortana on Apple’s iOS platform, giving the virtual assistant the ability to launch apps.

Users can now launch directly from Microsoft’s Cortana on iOS by simply using their voice, adding more usability to the assistant.


Aside from that, Microsoft has not introduced any other new features to the iOS experience in build 1.5.5, although the company has improved the homepage.

This is a pretty small upgrade nonetheless, but it is a welcome new feature that brings Cortana up a little closer to Apple’s own Siri virtual assistant.

What’s New in Version 1.5.5:

The ability to launch some popular apps with your voice

An improved homepage loading experience

Cortana has only been fully available on iOS since December 2015, so Microsoft is still sorting out the finer details while boosting the feature set.

Some changes the company has recently made to the Windows version of Cortana includes multiple language support for Instant Translation, and a lock screen widget. Whether these will make it to iOS eventually remains to be seen, these newer features have not even made it to Windows 10 Mobile yet.

The new iOS update can be downloaded via the App Store.