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Microsoft Announces Cross-Network Play for Xbox One and Sony PS4


In what can be described as a huge win for the gaming community, has announced that its online service will allow gamers from other platforms, such and PC, to play with owners.

The news was first posted on Microsoft's blog, which explains that while Windows 10 will get native support for the cross-platform play through Xbox Live, MS will leave it to developers to support the feature.

In other words, game devs will have to lobby Sony to allow their PS4 titles to be compatible with the competing online service, ensuring that gamers – despite their platform of choice – can duke it out online with others.

The game Rocket League from Psyonix has been announced as one of the first titles to support the cross-network play between Xbox One and PC gamers, though Microsoft is eager to extend an open invitation for other networks – hint: Sony – to join.

It's no secret that sales of the MS Xbox One are lagging behind Sony's gaming console by a huge margin, with the latest report from NPD showing no stopping to the juggernaut that is the PS4. The cross-network play announcement is just the latest in a series of bold moves by Redmond to boost its Xbox One sales, which have been solid – but not quite market-leading.

It's interesting to see how Sony will respond to the invitation, because the competition is looking to benefit more. Nevertheless, like the unexpected success of the PS4, the Japanese gaming giant might just surprise gamers.

Source: Microsoft via TechInsider

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