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Sony PS4 3.50 Update Will Bring PS4 Gaming to PCs via `Remote Play´


Sony gets ready to kick off the closed beta for the PS4's next major system software tomorrow. Codenamed Musashi, PS4 update 3.50 is promising nothing less than to bring PS4 Gaming to PCs using the famous `Remote Play´ feature.

Sony has just teased `Remote Play´ and some other key features on the Playstation-Blog without sharing many details.

Remote Play won't be available to test in the beta, the company just says that “you can look forward to it soon.”

With Remote Play, Sony is adding a feature to PS4 which Xbox One owners can already enjoy since June 2015.

`Game streaming´, how it´s called on the offers the ability to play Xbox One games remotely from your Xbox One console on any PC on your home network via the Xbox app.

The Sony 3.50 Musashi Update will also add these other key feature to the PS4 gaming experience:

  • Online friend notifications, letting users know what their buddies are up to.
  • The ability to appear offline, making it easier to play a game or watch a movie uninterrupted.
  • User scheduled events, allowing users to set up time in advance to play with their friends.
  • Dailymotion, an additional live streaming service.

`Remote Play´ is coming to the big PC screen

The last major PS4 update 3.00 was released on September 30, 2015, adding features like video-publishing on Twitter, live gameplay-broadcasting on YouTube experience and other social features. With `Remote Play´, the leading gaming console makes an important step into ´s territory.

So far, `Remote Play´ was only available for mobile devices like the PlayStation Vita, the iPad or Android phones and tablets. Bringing it to the bigger screens of Windows PCs will offer a gaming-experience quite similar to the original PS4/TV-setup.

This will however not affect all game titles as not all PS4 games allow the use of Remote Play. Developers need to add extra options to enable Remote Play, and there are no signs that Sony will remove that limit anytime soon.



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