Microsoft has highlighted the importance and potential of Project Centennial by testing the Office 2016 application suite with the Universal Windows App toolkit.

The successful testing would result in the full suite of Microsoft Office 2016 applications becoming available in the Windows Store and optimized for Windows 10.

At the moment the apps are not functional (this is merely a test), but this is clear evidence that Microsoft is pursuing Project Centennial to bridge universal applications to the Windows Store.

Noted Microsoft tipster, WalkingCat, has discovered a Project Centennial program called Centennial Office Test1, helping to turn the complex Office quite into a true app.

The size of the file is 960 MB, which suggests the full package of Microsoft Office 2016 applications are included in the update, although none of them function yet.

Bearing in mind the lack of functionality, anyone can make the download through the Windows Store and have the full Office 2016 suite in the start menu. That means Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and more, are all included.

Some people (us included) are getting a dead link when we try to download the apps, but others are reporting success.

Project Centennial is designed to make the bridging of Win32-based applications to Windows 10, allowing for one click downloads. It also means developers can use existing code to create new applications for the Windows Store without having to start from scratch.

SOURCE: WalkingCat (twitter)