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Microsoft makes Azure IoT Hub publicly available


The company has developed its Azure IoT Hub to offer a messaging infrastructure for distributed devices which then can communicate via Azure over IoT protocols such as AMPQPS, HTTPS and MQTT.

's Azure IoT Hub is a unique communications platform to connect billions of devices through the cloud, which will now be available for everyone.

The company launched Azure IoT Suite back in October last year, which bundles Azure services along with machine learning features, analytics and data storage options.

A report from Gartner suggests that the impact of IoT on businesses worldwide will be massive, with an estimated 6.4 billion IoT devices to be in use by 2016.

Azure IoT Hub official

Up 30 percent from last year, these figures are expected to grow five times until 2020, and while most of the IoT consumer technologies will be cars, smart homes and building management systems are also expected to see massive growth.

Microsoft's partner director for Azure IoT Sam George has unveiled a number of initial partners on Microsoft´s IoT blog.

“By offering trusted solutions from verified partners that work with multiple , including Linux, mbed, RTOS and Windows, Azure Certified for IoT accelerates IoT deployments. Initial certified partners included Arduino, Beagleboard, Freescale, , Raspberry Pi, Samsung and Texas Instruments, and others.”

With the revolutionary Internet of Things right at the doorstep, Microsoft is betting businesses to use its Azure cloud platform for collecting data, analyze data streams, store and visualize large sets of data, and finally integrate all of it into their back-office systems.

The Azure IoT Suite is currently being offered for free for customers to experiment with, and supports up to 8,000 messages per day.

Source: Microsoft via ZDNet

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