Windows Bridge for iOS: Microsoft entices iOS developers with tutorials

Windows Bridge for iOS

is helping iOS app developers with tutorials to consider porting their apps and make them compatible with .

Microsoft is reaching out to iOS developers with a new series of tutorials on its official blog. The first blog post on the Windows blog is already live and directed towards iOS developers for them to learn how to create a simple app with the Windows Bridge for iOS. According to the website, it is the first of a series of tutorials that will help iOS developers learn more about Windows Bridge to iOS.

The blog post is technical and informative, and highlights the steps to create a simple “to-do list app in Xcode for iOS. The blog post, then lists the steps on how to use the Widows Bridge for iOS tools, making the same app work on Windows 10. The minimum requirements to try out the tutorial is a PC running Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 and the Windows Bridge for iOS tools, along with a Mac running OS X 10, 11 and Xcode 7.

Windows Bridge for iOS

Windows Bridge for iOS has existed for months

Although the Windows Bridge for iOS tools have been available for months, this is the first time Microsoft has created a strong front to back their cause. This move from Microsoft is a clear attempt to sway iOS developers to consider porting their apps for Windows 10 devices and increase the number of apps available on the Windows App Store.

Windows Bridge for iOS tools have been available as an open-source project on GitHub for months under the code name Project Islandwood. In addition, Microsoft is also working on other bridges like a Web bridge for Windows 10 called Westminster and project Centennial, which aims to help developers package and publish existing .NET and Win32 apps to the Windows Store.

The Windows Mobile OS platform has been widely criticized for the scarcity of popular apps – all that can be solved if the Windows Bridge for iOS is going to be embraced by developers on a larger scale.

Source: Microsoft