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Windows 10: Edge HTML5 compatibility improved big-time with November 10 update


The Windows November 10 update brings important changes to ´s Edge browser.  HTML compatibility gears up and new usability features like drag&drop and tab previews make the browser more useful.

The Windows 10 November update introduces 13, which is an improvement of the Windows 10 browser compared to EdgeHTML 12. The improved rendering engine increases Edge´s score by 56 points which totals 458 on the HTML5Test score.

In addition the new update has also introduced some new features on Edge, such as tab previews, syncing favorites and reading lists, drag and drop is now supported and many more features which are now available.

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When first introduced , they promised an evergreen browser for developers to rely on Edge to always have the latest updates with new features and standard support together with the latest version of the rendering Engine.

Windows 10 Devices in One Web Platform

10 web platform will now deliver the same EdgeHTML to all Windows 10 devices, ranging from PCs, Windows 10 mobile via the Windows Insider Program, and on XboxOne.

According to Microsoft Blogs the new EdgeHTML can do the following:

“Whether it's adaptive images on phones with the element and extended srcset, or even in-browser gaming on the Xbox One with WebGL and GamePad API, Microsoft Edge empowers users and developers alike to be confident in a consistent, modern, and powerful experience across devices.”

Microsoft promises to deliver updates for Edge frequently, as for the next feature investments and priorities for 2016, they are in the making and will be known in the coming months.

Source: Microsoft

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