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Pwn2Own 2023 Day 1: Successful Hacks on Windows 11, Tesla Model 3, and MacOS

As day one closed on Pwn2Own 2023, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and other software vendors knew about fresh vulnerabilities in their products.

Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Shows Flaws in Windows 10, Exchange Server, Zoom, and Chrome

Over three days Pwn2Own hacking context, numerous vulnerabilities were found across a range of popular tech services.
Edge Microsoft Opening WinBuzzer Homepage Collage Own

Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox Have Been Exploited at Pwn2Own

Researchers at the Pwn2Own hacking contest successfully exploited Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox more than once.
Qihoo 360 Security Team

Pwn2Own 2017: Microsoft Edge Used by Security Researchers to Achieve Sandbox and Virtual Machine...

Three teams from Tencent Security, one team from Qihoo 360 Security and Richard Zhu (fluorescence) have exploited Microsoft’s heavily fortified browser as well as Windows, at this year’s hacking competition.

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