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Now That Microsoft and Meta Partnership Is Here, Would You Work in a Virtual Office?


This article was contributed by Cynthia Madison who works as an author at SmallBizClub.

New work norms post-pandemic are gaining ground. If not so long ago you were taken aback by the impressive number of companies who've had their employees work remotely, now there's another trend that's surprising: the Metaverse.

Work transcends place and time, so no doubt big companies like , Meta, Nvidia, Roblox etc. will succeed in creating something beautiful which combines both work and virtual space. We might not live to see those days, but it's still an interesting topic to acknowledge. 

Many people appreciate Metaverse, and it's no wonder given how the internet evolved into the masterpiece it is today. Few would've imagined the right picture of the internet we know today back in 1970.

So, let's applaud those brilliant developers and creators while we wait for the VR developments they're working so hard to bring to fruition.

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What is the Metaverse?

Replace the phrase “the Metaverse” in a sentence with “cyberspace”, and the meaning will remain unchanged 90% of the time. In this digital universe, users' virtual lives resemble the real, physical one we're accustomed to, only with enhanced human-like features. 

You might ask yourself, “What's the difference between a video game like Forex and Metaverse?” Well, if you thought Metaverse was just another type of video game, you'd be surprised it isn't. Or, at least, for the companies who work to invite it into the workspace.

For example, you can't tell “The internet is ”, just like you can't tell “Video games are Metaverse”.

What is Meta Quest Pro?

Such a concept blurs the lines between the virtual and physical worlds. It's up to you to decide whether it's for the best. Though, to not miss out on the latest news, it's good to possess knowledge of some things.

Meta Quest Pro is Meta's, formerly , new release. The high-end headset can be purchased starting October 25. From then on, YouTube, , and other similar platforms will most likely be flooded with tutorials on how to use and what the headset provides. Meta describes the product as a tiny and ergonomic VR device. The system is a good place for gaming and will likely turn people's experiences in VR into better ones.

The slogan of this VR technology seems to deliver the message that this headset is yet to be their most advanced headset and that they work to develop new ways to help people create, work and collaborate in more efficient ways.

Work and Metaverse

The release of Meta Quest Pro can benefit some people, as it's been launched to help industries like engineering, design, building, architecture etc. The power of VR is supposed to increase employees' workflow and creativity. Longer term, it's anticipated that the device will enable a plethora of new ways to experience and enhance productivity across a wide range of enterprises and industries. 

The beta of Meta Horizon Workrooms was announced in 2021, and now Meta's adding new Workrooms characteristics to help employees be more creative and collaborative. Here are some examples of features:

Numerous screens in a unique personal office. The solo Workrooms experience is being developed and improved, allowing employees to create three virtual screens on their desks and four different types of personal environments. This means employees won't have to go to work anymore, removing the need for transportation costs and eliminating the risks of work-related accidents. The latter is not a minor thing. For example, workplace injuries and health issues cost English businesses billions and come with repercussions like bad fame and injury claims. There is hope that by reducing work-related expenses, the number of personal injury claims in the UK will decrease as well, because these accidents often occur as a result of work extortion, traffic and long drives, stress to arrive on time, and so on.

Breakout groups. This feature allows teams to shift from a large group presentation to smaller group discussions for more productive brainstorming. The spatial audio enables everyone to hear the breakout group and the ambient discussions in the rest of the room more clearly, with less distraction.

More expressive avatars. Thanks to VR, avatars can look more authentic and lifelike in real-time while giving a much greater sense of “being there” than traditional video calls.

Zoom integration. It's expected that in 2023, employees will have the opportunity to join Workrooms via Zoom, which will allow them to show up in different ways.

3D models. This feature is supposed to change the way designers, creators and architects view 3D models in Workrooms.

Metaverse and educational institutions

Although it is ambiguous what the Metaverse is and whether it even exists, educational institutions have jumped on board. They've added features like virtual reality, gamified interactive virtual worlds, mixed reality to in-person and remote video learning.

Some universities are utilising Metaverse technologies to overcome the drawbacks of video meetings and internet tools. These allow people to interact more naturally, bridging the gap between virtual interaction and real life. Here are some examples of universities that are creating “Metacampuses”:

  • University of Maryland Global Campus
  • University of Kansas School of Nursing
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College
  • South Dakota State University
  • Morehouse College.

Advantages to Metaverse 

According to a late 2021 survey of global internet users, the biggest advantage to Metaverse was that it helped people overcome obstacles that prevented them from performing tasks in real life. Other VR's benefits that followed are:

  • Enhanced imagination and creativity
  • The ability to travel the world without moving
  • Enhanced technological literacy and skills
  • The ability to connect with new people without feeling awkward
  • The chance to create new job opportunities
  • The ability to meet dear ones at any time
  • More possibilities in education
  • New opportunities for self-expression.

You can make profits with Metaverse 

From fashion brands to tech giants, all are betting on Metaverse. Therefore, it's natural to wonder if you can profit from this trend.

The answer is yes. For example, Axie Infinity is a popular play-to-earn game many people use to profit. Decentraland and Second Life are two more examples of how blockchain and virtual reality apps can coexist successfully.

Profits from Metaverse can come under many forms, but since VR's not fully explored, it's wise to stay tuned and see how it develops.

About the author

Cynthia Madison is an author at SmallBizClub with a solid technical, business, and financial foundation. She's responsible for providing share-worthy articles that deliver value straight to the point. Cynthia enjoys watching thought-provoking TED talks on technology advancements in her spare time. She lives a “never stop learning” life.

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