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Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners


This article was contributed bz Amy Fischer who works as a content creator for Visible Webs.

As video is becoming increasingly popular these days, many companies have seen the niche and jumped on the opportunity. As a result, there are several video editing software on the market.

If you are a beginner looking to make videos on YouTube, you are in the right place. We will go through some of the video editing software you can use to edit your videos and help you get free YouTube subscribers from your professional-looking videos.  

The Top 5 Video Editing Software

1.    Apple iMovie

Suppose you own an device, whether an iPad, macOS, or iPhone; iMovie is a simple and elegant choice. It offers themes with titles, transitions, and music created by Apple.

Different effects come with it, features like fast-forward, split-screen and slow motion. You can also develop soundtracks on this software. This software features a green screen, which allows you to place your subject in any background.


  • Works with 4K clips
  • Easy to use
  • Many tools to work with sound


  • Limitations on motion tracking

2.    Power Director 365

This software is among the most favorite of most YouTubers. It is easy to use, and even pros use it. Power Director 365 has many advanced features like animated titles,360-degree editing, motion tracking, and keyframing.

The editing process is seamless and effortless, there are already available templates, and you can combine your and videos to make premade templates. You can also edit and upload them to any platform courtesy of the options you get in picking out aspect ratios. The rendering time is also swift.


  • Numerous advanced features
  • The interface is user friendly
  • Fast Rendering speeds


  • Only the Windows version gets screen recording

3.    Shotcut

If you want the best format support, Shotcut is your video editing software. It supports many audio and video formats. Shotcut is suitable for YouTube as it provides accurate frame seeking and offers several transport options.

There are over 40000 templates, transitions, and audio filters. You can also edit multiple videos at the same time. Shotcut also gives you redo and undo options.


  • Receives regular updates
  • Free advanced features
  • Useful format support


  • The interface can be a bit complicated

4.    Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro is among the most popular editors; you can easily modify the video, process the audio, and adjust the color. In addition, you can process most types of multimedia content in their original format courtesy of the unique features.

Adobe Premiere Pro is available on Windows, macOS, and IOS. When purchasing, you can subscribe to just premier Pro or get the Adobe pack. Since it supports 4K and 360 VR, it can qualify as a professional tool for almost all types of videos. Newbies and pros will enjoy using this software.


  • Convenient user interface
  • Plugins and features are customizable
  • Can be integrated with other Adobe products


  • Expensive

5.    HitFilm Express

This is it if you need free video editing software with a compelling set of tools to edit your videos. Built-in templates and many other valuable features allow you to edit videos effortlessly.

Exports are clean and high quality. The software will enable you to adjust colors and trim clips. One of the highlights of HitFilm is to offer you custom video masks. You can also create powerful content using the 3D compositional features and green screen chroma keys.


  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • Flexible Export options
  • Timeline editor is reliable


  • Some of the features require purchasing


Creating quality videos that look professional and smooth requires learning, practicing, and good video editing software. However, YouTubers can extensively utilize some of this software and grow their brands to resemble those of professionals. All it takes is creativity and constant practice to take you from being a beginner to a pro.

About the author

Amy Fischer works as a content creator for Visible Webs. She attended University of Haifa International School. Despite the fact that she is still young, she is a very experienced specialist who is well versed in economics and banking. Also in her spare time, Amy shares her experience and interesting news with the readers of various blogs.

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