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Sneaker Bot Proxies as a Part of the Modern Shoe Market


This article was contributed by Privateproxy Co-founder and CEO Anthony Krasnov.

Buying sports shoes is no longer that easy since companies started offering them limited edition models for sale online.  However, everything on the internet can be “hacked”. 

The limited-edition, as we know, has always been an irresistible attraction for collectors or merchants. The same thing goes for sneakers. In recent years, however, the rules for carrying out the big game have been upset by the entry of new actors. These are sneaker bot proxies, software programmed to be able to grab the right shoe model exactly at the moment of launch.

Why was there a need for sneaker bot proxies?

There are so many people who want to buy limited-edition sneakers that the chances of appearing relying on luck are practically nil. Especially since we started playing “dirty” by entrusting a bot with the task of monitoring the sites and finalizing the purchase when the sales begin.

However, there were also those who decided to go further and not limit themselves to the purchase of a single pair for themselves with the help of the bot. It is estimated that around 70% of limited-run sneakers purchases are done through a purpose-trained program. Through this system, entire stocks of shoes are bought and resold on a parallel market with sensationally inflated prices. A pair of sneakers can cost over € 1,000.

Let’s face it, if you are wondering how a pair of sneakers can cost more than rent for a downtown apartment in your city or an average salary, even if it is not studded with sapphires and rubies, then you are not a sneakerhead. 

Chances are you are among the mere mortals who just read the review of the model they plan to buy and have never had any inkling of this strange web undergrowth. Sneakerheads define themselves as passionate shoe collectors who set the rules of the 21st-century trend. In 2019 the Adidas Yeezy Boost won the title of most sought-after sneakers online ever.

And with a few or two of these models, you can even buy an apartment in the center. And we can assume that some of these sneakers were bought with the help of proxy servers. A remarkable record if we consider that of the business of the inflated resale market of online sneakers have been talked about since 2016. 

What’s the problem?

So someone will have wondered, why so much effort to buy just one pair of shoes? Better to buy whole stocks to resell in the parallel market, at the limits of legality. The profit margins here can be staggering. On some stock markets that sell sporting goods and in particular sneakers, an Adidas Yeezy model is quoted for more than 29 thousand dollars. The real news is that there are people willing to spend a fortune to grab a pair of limited edition shoes. A madness? Probably, but certainly, a business opportunity that many have not missed.

The usage of the right sneaker bot proxies, for example by PrivateProxy, is an integral part of this business. Sometimes, the “clean” sneaker bot proxies can have a high cost, on average from $ 200. These servers are useful tools that help you to save time and not miss the chance to buy sneakers. Most of the time it is not just about increasing the statistical odds of success.

However, companies are struggling with such ways of buying. Affected firms continuously implement defense strategies, even taking legal action. Or they update their software so that they are less vulnerable to a bot’s action. In some cases, more creative strategies are proposed, such as the launch of lotteries that allow the subsequent purchase of even more exclusive models. On the other hand, the developers are monitoring the situation and adjusting bots.

How do these sneaker bot proxies work?

Sneaker bot proxies by PrivateProxy are built for absolute page loading speed and power, so you can open store pages as quickly as possible.

As companies struggle with these buying methods, it actually becomes difficult and insecure to buy one product at one IP address, it is the proxy server that makes it easier for you to access before the sale.

You get a new IP address that is not blacklisted by the store and reduces the chances of being blocked to a minimum.  The second advantage is that proxy servers mask your real IP address and leave you anonymous to network administrators.

What characteristics are important for this type of proxy?

  • Ping

When the server and proxy are nearby, you will see minimal connection latency. Many people consider this an important feature in real-time because you get an idea of how fast the connection will be established, and naturally, the lower the ping, the faster and more stable the connection will be.

  •  Connection region

It is often recommended not to choose proxies from distant places. The reason for this is that these proxies are easier to find and ban. The long-distance between the server hosting the sneaker store and the proxy server means that they will connect before proceeding to open the purchase page for you. Now, in this situation, there is a time interval that is completely unprofitable for you when you need to buy sneakers, an extra second spent can derail the purchase of such a coveted shoe.

Money makes the world go around

Money makes the world go around, and it can’t be said that Nike and Adidas don’t have their advantages. The casual and informal style is becoming increasingly popular even among the most influential characters. Consequently, there is also a change of direction in the definition of what is considered a luxury good.

The economic performances recorded in 2020/21 for the sportswear sector are constantly growing, in contrast to traditional fashion which remains stable compared to previous years. At the same time, the demand for sneaker bot proxies for new sneakers is growing.  And this year, believe me, this area will develop even more.

About the author

Anthony Krasnov is a Co-founder and CEO at Privateproxy. He has been with the company since its inception and has complete knowledge of the processes and can assist with any issue.