The Best Free Video Editors for Windows 11

To make your video editing routine a bit easier, we have compiled a short but robust list of the best video editing software for Windows 11.

This article was contributed by Harper Johnson, a feature writer and web designer at AGIMA.

Did you know that around 90% of marketers consider video to be an integral marketing technique? It is because video content is quite powerful in capturing attention. The combination of images and music helps achieve more likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement. 

So, to ensure maximum success, your video should be of high quality. It should be clear, smooth, and concise. But, what if your video is not like that? In that case, don't worry because there is a lot of video editing software available today.  

In today's post, our team has researched and compiled the best free video editors for . These downloadable programs are versatile and intuitive. Even non-professionals can use them to create stellar videos easily. Plus, most free versions are equally competitive to paid counterparts. So, no need to pay!  

Windows Video Editor  

The latest Windows 11 empowers creators by offering a basic, free video editor.  It is a simple version that allows you to do short-clip editing. So, if you edit Instagram Reels and short videos a lot, this program will become your go-to choice.  

It features the standard drag and drop system. You choose the media, drop it into the storyboard, and drag it to organize the sequence. There are also duration adjustment and trimming options.  

The Windows Video Editor enables you to add music, text, filters, 3D effects, and much more too. You can also change the orientation of the image/video as per your preferences! 


Clipify is one of the best movie editing software for Windows 11, which helps you tackle both short clips and lengthy videos effortlessly. It is a free automatic video editor designed for people of all skills. Anyone can use it to create immersive, high-quality videos in only 5 minutes! 

The software lets you cut, sew, and alter the speed of the clips in a few clicks. Plus, there are hundreds of thematic templates available. Using them, you can give your videos a professional touch instantly.  

It also offers a unique Chroma Key feature that replaces the background of the video realistically. You can change the background to a forest, office, and much more. Once done, you can export the edited video in Full HD, upload it to social media platforms, and even burn it to DVD.  



Lightworks is a favorite amongst professionals and non-professionals alike. The feature-rich program offers you unmatched format support and versatility. You can import any media, regardless of its type and frame rate. 

As a result, videos play at their native resolution and shapes, which increase editing accuracy. The program also has an instant auto-save mode, which keeps saving every single action. So, you can work on it without constantly worrying about backups.   

However, the editing features are quite basic. You can trim, adjust, add audio, effects, and transitions. There are also 100+ pre-built graphics to create dynamic videos.  


OpenShot is another free video editing software for Windows 11 that stands out for its simplicity. The video editor has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. You certainly do not need to read lengthy guides to learn how to use the tool!  

The program enables you to trim and slice to collect the most perfect moments together. It also offers in-depth editing options of color correction and brightness adjustment. Using these, you can polish the video like pros.  

OpenShot has a robust animation framework too. It allows you to slide, fade, bounce, and animate almost anything in the video. What's more, there is an unlimited library of music tracks to make your work immersive.  


Kdenlive is a highly competitive and innovative free video editing software for Windows 11. The versatile features make it an excellent choice for both personal and commercial purposes. So, you can use it for much more than just basic editing.  

The software has a multi-track editing feature that allows you to arrange several video clips at once. You can lock/mute the clips at your convenience. It also offers numerous premium effects and transitions. 

You can also correct colors, adjust audio, add titles, and whatnot. Further, since Kdenlive uses powerful FFmpeg libraries, you can import any file type without conversion.  

Final Thoughts 

Summing it up, a free video editor for Windows 11 is a must-have for all those who regularly create and upload video content. You can make the videos flawless without having to spend a single penny. We hope that this list has helped you find the perfect video editing software. Happy Video Making! 

About the author

Harper Johnson is a feature writer and web designer at AGIMA. Closely follows the news in the field of photo/video processing to share her opinion with non-professionals.