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Windows 11: How to Update Apps and Games in the Microsoft Store

We show you how to update Windows 11 games and apps using the new Microsoft Store interface.


As you may have noticed, the Store has changed a lot with . Its complete redesign has made it faster and more visually pleasing, but with any large change comes some confusion. Today, we're going to help remedy that by showing you how to update apps and games in Windows 11 with the new Microsoft Store.

Before we start, it's worth noting that by default the Microsoft Store updates apps automatically. However, it doesn't usually do so as soon as an update is available, instead of waiting for what it thinks is a good time. This isn't always ideal, as your app may have a critical bug and multiplayer games typically need to be on the latest version to play with others.

As a result, we'll be focusing on how to manually update apps and games to get them to the latest, bug-free version. Just follow the steps below to get started:

How to Update Apps on Windows 11

Whether you have a Windows 11 game update or an app update, the process to install it is the same. In fact, you can install all your updates with a single click in the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store

    Press Start and type “Microsoft Store” in the search bar. Click the top result.

    Windows 11 - Open Microsoft Store

  2. Press the books icon in the sidebar and press “Get updates”

    That's all there is to it. Each of your Microsoft game patches and apps will install, one-by-one. You can cancel individual updates in the step below if you don't want them.

    Windows 11 - Microsoft Store - Library - Get Update

  3. Cancel the updates you don't want

    If you see a particular update you don't want, you can simply press the three dots on its right-hand side and press “Cancel download”.

    Windows 11 - Microsoft Store - Library - Get Update - 3 Dots - Cancel

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Now that your Windows 11 apps are up to date, you may want to learn how to do some other basic tasks on Microsoft's new OS, such as changing startup programs.

Windows 11 - Task Manager - Startup - Choose Item - Disable

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While you're here, you may also want to learn how to make the taskbar smaller in Windows 11 to match its size. Just follow the linked guide to do so.

Windows 11 - Regedit - Adavanced Registry Key - New - DWORD - TaskbarSi - Change Value Data - Accept

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