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How to Use Driver Booster to Update Drivers Automatically for Your PC


This article was contributed by Rick Johnson, who works as an independent writer for various clients.

You already know that the driver is an important part of Windows. Without the driver, the computer will not be able to communicate and use the hardware. By default, when Windows 10 has finished installing the OS, most of the drivers are already available, but sometimes there are still some drivers, or some drivers are too old. It is safest to install it manually. But if you do not have time to install the driver manually, choose IObit Driver Booster to install the driver automatically.

In this article, I will teach you how to use this free driver updater & Driver Booster to update drivers automatically for your PC?

What is Driver Booster


Driver Booster is a software that supports downloading and installing drivers automatically for PCs, laptops. It can automatically search for drivers that are not available on the downloader and install them automatically for you. In addition, Driver Booster also has the function of upgrading drivers for the device. So when using the app, the computer will always have the latest driver installed and not be afraid of missing drivers.

Driver Booster has a user-friendly interface, supports 49 different languages, and is extremely easy to use, even for new users. It has a Super-huge database with more than 4.5 million drivers.

Features of Driver Booster

  • Driver Booster automatically finds, download, install and update outdated drivers.
  • Multi-language support
  • Million of drivers database
  • Fix computer conflict errors

In addition to automatically finding and installing missing and outdated drivers for your PC, the Driver Booster also helps users detect and repair hardware-related errors or conflicts on your computer system. At the same time, the integration of many different languages proves that the number of people who like and need to download Driver Booster to use around the world.

How to install Driver Booster

1st Step: Visit iobit.com homepage and click Free Download,

2nd Step: Double-click the newly-downloaded file. Click Install,

3rd Step: Select Custom Install, remove the options you don't like. 4th Step: In the windows asking to install other software, select the line No, I don't want and then click Next,

5th Step: Select scan now to scan the drive. That's it. You have successfully installed the booster driver app on the PC.

How to use Driver Booster

1st Step: Turn on the booster driver software. Press SCAN.

2nd Step: The Driver Booster will scan the PC driver. It can be stopped when clicking STOP.

3rd Step: The list of missing or outdated drivers will display on the right side. Select Update Now to install.

4th Step: Confirmation message check, don't remind me again. Press OK,

The process of downloading the driver to your computer and installing it automatically begins. You can have the option to restart the computer when the installation is complete.


In a nutshell, Driver Booster is a best free driver updater that includes a handy package of features that help you update your drivers and game components without spending much time and effort. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, users will easily grasp the current status of the drivers on their computer and update it to ensure all computer features work smoothly and properly.

About the author

Rick Johnson is an independent writer from the United Kingdom. He mainly covers Windows, app services, computer hardware, and gadgets. He spends most of his rest time on and audio and online communities.

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 10:17 am CEST