How to Configure Windows 10 Sync Settings and Disable Activity History

Windows 10’s move towards the cloud can be both a blessing and a curse. This can be seen most clearly in its Sync your settings option, which ensures your OS remains familiar even if you’re on a different PC. For some, this is a useful time-saver, but it can be frustrating if your configuration varies for a reason. We’re going to show you how to configure Windows 10 sync settings to remove those annoyances.

First, it’s worth noting that Windows 10 sync settings only apply to a single account. If you use a different account for work and school, the options won’t be affected. This is primarily for those who own a laptop and a desktop, for example, or share their account with someone on a separate PC.

For those who fall somewhere in between, Windows 10 sync settings offer a modular system. You can sync your wallpaper, for example, but not your language preferences, or passwords. The Windows 10 Timeline’s activity history syncing can also be adjusted, albeit through a different window, as can clipboard sync. Let’s jump into how to configure each of them:

How to Enable or Disable Windows 10 Sync Your Settings

Microsoft makes Sync your settings adjustments very simple via in-built toggles.

  1. Open Windows 10 account options

    Press “Windows + I” to open Windows 10 settings and click “Accounts”.

    Windows 10 - Settings

  2. Toggle Sync your settings

    On the accounts screen, click “Sync your settings”. Here, you can toggle the “Sync settings” button to complete enable or disable the feature.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Accounts - Sync your settings

  3. Partially sync your settings

    You can sync just the settings you want under the “Individual sync settings” sub-heading, including Theme, Passwords, Language preferences, or Ease of Access.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Accounts - Individual sync settings

How to Enable or Disable Windows 10 Activity History Sync

As mentioned earlier, Activity History sync options are found in a different place, but the process is just as simple.

  1. Open privacy settings

    Press “Windows + I” to open Windows 10 settings and click “Privacy”.

    Windows 10 - Settings

  2. Toggle Activity history

    Under the “Activity history” menu, tick/untick the “Store my activity history on this device”. Then, flip the toggle for your account under “Show activities from these accounts”.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Privacy - Activity History

How to Enable or Disable Windows 10 Clipboard Sync

Clipboard Sync is found under yet another different settings menu.

  1. Open System Settings

    Press “Windows + I” to open Windows 10 settings and click “System”.

    Windows 10 - Settings

  2. Toggle clipboard sync

    Under the “Clipboard” menu, find the “Sync across devices” heading. Toggle the option that reads “Paste text on your other devices”.

    Windows 10 - Settings - System - Clipboard