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Inkscape Reaches Version 1.0 on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac after 16 Years in...

Inkscape is a very popular vector graphic editing tool that has been available for 16 years. However, it is only reaching version 1.0 now.
How to Customize DPI Scaling Level Displays in Windows  featured

How to Change the Windows 10 DPI Scaling Level to Resize Text, Apps and...

Don´t lower the resolution to enlarge text and desktop-objects on high-resolution tablets, TV screens and huge displays! We show you how to change the Windows 10 DPI Scaling Level, which is the better option.

Microsoft Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection Arrives on Windows

Hardware-enforced Stack Protection allows users to protect their apps by leveraging their CPU. It is currently in preview.
FEATURED How to Create Delete and Resize Partitions in Windows 10

Windows 10: How to Create, Delete or Resize Partitions

You need an additional Windows 10 partition or want to check how your hard disk is organized? We show you how to partition your drives without additional software.

Google Cuts App Maker, Its PowerApps Rival

Microsoft PowerApps alternative App Maker will be decommissioned over the next year, with Google ditching the low-code development tool.

Ignite 2019: Voice Enhance for Microsoft Stream Cuts out Heavy Background Noise with One...

Microsoft Stream's AI Voice Enhance feature can completely remove industrial background with a minimal loss in audio quality.
Intune microsoft

Microsoft Brings Intune Support for Derived Credentials on iOS

Microsoft has announced support for derived credentials on iOS by overcoming limitations with physical smart cards.
Microsoft Logo Microsoft Official

Microsoft Debuts Icecaps, An Open Source AI Conversation Modeling Toolkit

Icecaps is a new open source project from Microsoft Research that improves neural conversational networks, allowing for multiple personas.

Google Embraces Rich Communication Services as an SMS Replacement

Google has launched its Rich Communication Services (RCS) SMS replacement in the United Kingdom and France.

Firefox 67 Brings Cryptominer Blocking and 60 FPS Browsing

The official release of Firefox 67 brings a myriad of changes to the browser, from faster webpage rendering to accessibility improvements and security features.

Microsoft PowerToys Is Open Source and Coming to Windows 10

PowerToys for Windows 10 will launch in testing with a maximize to new desktop button and a useful shortcuts guide. In the future, the project will launch a batch file renamer, fast resolution swaps, and alt-tab for the browser.

Nvidia Patches 8 High-Severity Flaws in its Tegra Processors

Nvidia has sent out eight patches to solve major issues in its non-PC/Gaming Tegra processors, including many kernel-level problems.

Microsoft Research Successfully Stores and Retrieves Data on DNA Strands

Microsoft Research has conducted the first successful experiment of storing digital data on a DNA strands and converting it back.

Microsoft Moves Visual Studio 2019 to Release Candidate

Visual Studio 2019 is now ready to launch ahead of its April 2 introduction after Microsoft moved the preview to the Release Candidate branch.

Microsoft’s SilentVoice Could Reignite Voice Assistant Viability on Smartphones

Microsoft’s SilentVoice could solve an issue where voice assistants like Cortana and Alexa have not been widely embraced on mobile.

PowerPoint to Receive AI-Powered Real-Time Captions in January

Microsoft is expanding the AI capabilities of PowerPoint with real-time captions and subtitle features arriving early in 2019.

AI-Powered Editor to Become Generally Available in PowerPoint This December

After several months in the Insider rings, Microsoft Word's editor will come to PowerPoint, introducing new suggestions that focus on clarity, concision, and flow.

Microsoft 365 Gets AI-Powered Productivity Improvements in November Updates

Microsoft 365 has received a series of important updates this month, with AI-powered task management, new Outlook integrations, and the implementation of the Editor in PowerPoint.

Microsoft Reveals New Features for Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Office 365 users are getting new tools this month, including the ability to integrate 3D animations into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft’s SilentVoice Allows Noise-Cancelling Audio Recording from a Whisper

Microsoft’s SilentVoice would support clear voice recordings through whispers thanks to a technology that monitors ingressive speech.

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