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Windows Vulnerability Leaves 1 Million Devices Open to WannaCry-Like Attack

Researchers say the BlueKeep vulnerability in Windows is still active despite a recent Microsoft patch, with one million devices affected.

Microsoft Patches Unsupported Windows XP over Fears of Wormable WannaCry-like Malware

A major exploit for older versions of Microsoft's OS has caused the tech giant to patch Windows XP. Without the mitigations, it could be used to spread malware between devices.

WannaCry Alive and Kicking with a Third of All Ransomware Attacks

Kaspersky Lab reports WannaCry never went away and still accounts for 28.72% of all ransomware attacks during Q3 2018.
Petya GDATA Ransomware

World Under Attack from Petya Ransomware That is Bigger than WannaCry

Europe has been hit by a massive ransomware called Petya, which is taking down companies, banks, and airports. Early reports suggest the attack could be bigger than the recent WannaCry ransomware.

Publications Criticize Microsoft for Holding Back Free WannaCrypt Patch for Windows XP

Microsoft's expensive support policies have come under fire following the global WannaCrypt malware attack. Publications argue that the critical vulnerability should have been rolled out as a free patch to all.
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Shadow Brokers Threaten Post-WannaCry Leaks Through Subscription Service

The group behind the WannaCry attacks says it has much more information. The Shadow Brokers have previously leaked Windows exploits and could do so again.

Ex-UK Intelligence Chief Questions Microsoft over WannaCrypt Cyberattack

Sir David Omand believes some of the fault of this weeks WannaCrypt attack lies with Microsoft, both for ending support for XP and for being slow to release a security update for that OS.
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“WannaCrypt” Cyberattack: Microsoft Slams US Government, 230.000 Infections and Counting

The President of the Redmond giant, Brad Smith, has laid the responsibility for the massive hack at the feet of the U.S. government, reiterating the need for a “Digital Geneva Convention”.
How to Disable/Enable SMB1 in Windows 10 and Why You'd Want To

How to Disable/Enable SMB1 in Windows 10 and Why You’d Want To

Depending on your requirements, it may be necessary to disable or enable SMB1 in Windows 10. We show you how to manage the legacy network protocol that played a key part in the WannaCry attacks.
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Microsoft Rolls out a Patch for Leaked SMBv3 Vulnerability

Admins are urged to apply the SMBv3 vulnerability patch right away to avoid a potential WannaCry-like crisis.

March Patch Tuesday Leaked Details of a Wormable Server Message Block Vulnerability

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday accidentally leaked details of a bug in Server Message Block (SMB) that has been described as wormable.

Researcher Who Labeled BlueKeep Joins Microsoft Threat Protection

Kevin Beaumont, a security researcher who named BlueKeep, has joined Microsoft Threat Protection cybersecurity.

macOS’ Most Pervasive Trojan Is Now Being Spread via YouTube and Wikipedia

Shlayer tricks users into installing fake software, which runs scripts in the background to install extensions that bombard users with ads.

Microsoft Will Reportedly Patch a Major Security Flaw on the Day Windows 7 Support...

Reports suggest today's Patch Tuesday will be a major one, fixing a very dangerous security flaw in Windows' cryptographic component.

Vladimir Putin Still Using Windows XP Despite Security Risks

A report suggests Russian president Vladimir Putin continues to run Windows XP, the last Windows OS the country approved.

Microsoft Says Worse BlueKeep Attacks are Coming Following First Weaponized Hack

Following the first BlueKeep attack a week ago, Microsoft says worse is to come and users should update their Windows machines now.

Microsoft Partners with NIST to Develop Hygiene Patching Program

Microsoft and NIST want to create a more robust patch environment for organizations through the creation of the Critical Cybersecurity Hygiene: Patching the Enterprise Project.
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Smominru Windows-Infecting Botnet Has Hit 90,000 PCs This Year

Smominru is a botnet malware attack that can be implemented through the EternalBlue vulnerability on legacy Windows versions.

Microsoft Helps Launch the CyberPeace Institute, Aiding Digital Attack Victims

Microsoft, the Hewlett Foundation, and MasterCard are planning to increase cyberattack transparency and resiliency while supporting its victims.

Working Exploit of BlueKeep Windows Flaw is Now Widely Available

A security researcher has a released an open source exploit of BlueKeep, which could be used by attackers as well as defenders.