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Visual Studio Code Microsoft

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Code 1.0

Visual Studio Code 1.0 has been announced by Microsoft, while the company says the service has gained traction with developers.
visual studio logo Microsof

Microsoft Starts Private Testing of Visual Studio 15, possibly named Visual Studio 2016

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is due for a major refresh this year. Details about some new features from private preview have made their way online, "lightweight" mode included.
TypeScript Microsoft

Microsoft Debuts TypeScript 3.0, Generally Available

Two years after version 2.0, TypeScript 3.0 comes with some major breaking changes and is available on Visual Studio 2015 and 2017.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK build 10586 with UWP improvements and Silverlight Bridge

The Windows 10 SDK build 10586 accompanies the recently released 1511 Windows 10 November update and includes the Visual Studio 2015 Update and other enhancements for app developers. The Silverlight bridge to convert Windows Phone 8.1 apps to UWP is now also available.

Microsoft Open Sources 28-Year-Old Windows File Manager with Modern OS Support

Windows File Manager has made its Windows 10 debut despite its age. While clearly a relic of the past, the tool does offer surprising clarity and usability.

Windows 10 Insider Build 15063 SDK and Mobile Emulator Leak Online

A day after Microsoft brought the Windows 10 Insider build 15063 to the Fast Ring, the SDK and emulator have leaked for developers. There are no changelogs available for either update yet.
Hyper V Windows  desktop own

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 and Server Developer VMs for December, with Free Evaluation Version

Microsoft's Windows Developer VMs for December come in evaluation and licensed versions. Both are running Windows Anniversary 1607.
Windows  Mobile Logo

Microsoft Releases Windows Developer VMs for October

Octobers Windows developer virtual machines allow developers to get easy access to creating content for the Windows platform. The VMs cover Parallels, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMWare editions.
Windows  IoT MSDN Official

Microsoft Brings Arduino Wiring Support to Windows 10 IoT Core

Developers can now import their Arduino Wiring sketches directly to Windows 10 IoT Core, adding another facet to the device creation process.
NET Microsoft Official

Microsoft Starts Bug Bounty For .NET Core and ASP. NET Core Platforms

The latest bug bounty will give users who find critical problems in the cross platform server app development tools a reward. Like other similar programs, Microsoft is offering between $500 and $15,000.
typescript background image microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Out the Release Candidate for TypeScript 2.0

Microsoft’s free and open source JavaScript subset, TypeScript 2.0, has been moved from beta to the release candidate. There are no new features available, but some have been added since the beta.
Windows VMs Download Over Windows  Microsoft Official Collage Own

Microsoft’s August 2016 Evaluation Windows Developer Virtual Machines Available Now

The latest launch of Evaluation Windows Developer Virtual Machines has been released by Microsoft. Developers can access a number of tools through various VMs built on Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1607.
iOS to Windows  App bridge official website

Microsoft Launches App Analysis Tool for iOS to Windows Bridge

The new tool makes app porting from iOS to the UWP app model easier by highlighting compatible code fragments.
typescript background image microsoft

Microsoft Releases Typescript 2.0 Beta

The new update adds a new .d.ts workflow, as well as non-nullable types and easier module declarations.
SQL SERVER  Innovations Microsoft

Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Now Support Always Encrypted in Databases

Added protection for sensitive is now offered by Always Encrypted in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), with the feature arriving to users this month.
Accelerate Intel Windows Blog

Microsoft’s Windows Bridge for iOS gets Boost from Intel Accelerate Framework

Intel is working to help developers use the Windows Bridge for iOS with Accelerate framework, a tool that makes bridging apps easy.
Build  logo official website

Build 2016: Check Out All the News from Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference was nothing short of epic, the annual developer’s conference was a showcase for a myriad of new services and major updates to existing ones.
Windows Bridge for iOS

Windows Bridge for iOS: Microsoft entices iOS developers with tutorials

Microsoft is helping iOS app developers with tutorials to consider porting their apps and make them compatible with Windows 10.

New Converter transforms Windows Phone Silverlight Apps into new Universal Windows App (UWP) format

Mobilize.NET has just released a new Visual Studio Extension preview. The package will help you convert any Windows Phone 8/8.1 Silverlight apps to the new Windows 10 Universal Windows App (UWP) format.

Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 24H2 Copilot+ PCs in July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has rolled out update KB5040435 for Windows 11 24H2, geared towards enhancing security on Copilot+ PCs. This release, part of Microsoft's scheduled July...

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