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UWP Community Toolkit 1.4

Microsoft Releases UWP Community Toolkit 1.4 with Twitter Streaming API, Network Helper, and More

The UWP Community Toolkit 1.4 introduces a range of features including a carousel and new focus and alignment tools for devs. It also builds on existing features, adding different input methods and improved Narrator support.
Microsoft Announces “Largest Update since launch” to UWP Community Toolkit

Microsoft Announces “Largest Update since Launch” of UWP Community Toolkit

UWP Community Toolkit 1.3 brings support for the OneDrive and Microsoft Translator services, as well as WrapPanel, TextboxMask, and TextBoxRegex controls.
UWP Community Toolkit

Microsoft Releases First Update to UWP Community Toolkit

UWP Community Toolkit 1.1 adds support for the LinkedIn and Microsoft Graph services, as well as Blade and GridSplitter controls.
UWP Community Toolkit Features Microsoft

Microsoft Video: UWP Community Toolkit Demonstration

A new video from Microsoft discusses the recently launched UWP Community Toolkit. The video highlights the no-coding easy development structure for creating apps, while also showing how easy it is to create a hamburger menu.
UWP Community Toolkit Features Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Open-Source UWP Community Toolkit for Easy App Development

The new toolkit aims to make it easier for developers to build UWP apps through a variety of built-in functions. Control, notification, service, code, and animation helpers are all included.

Microsoft Announces Windows Community Toolkit 7.0

Developers can now access Windows Community Toolkit 7.0 with changes decoupling of packages and a new MVVM library.

Microsoft Moves Further from UWP with WinUI 3.0 Alpha

Microsoft will soon launch WinUI 3.0 alpha, while will encompass both UWP and Win32 apps, giving developers more freedom.

Microsoft Details Roadmap for Merging UWP and Win32 App-Experience

With Microsoft's XAML Islands v1 now live, it has shared its plans for v2 and 3, which will bring UWP and win32 apps even closer together.

Windows Community Toolkit 4.0 Launches with Fluent Design Elements

Microsoft has launched version 4.0 of the open Windows Community Toolkit, also adding two new Microsoft Graph controls.
UWP Community Toolkit Features Microsoft

Windows Community Toolkit Version 3 Arrives with Gaze APIs, Edge WebView, and More

Version 3.0 of Windows Community Toolkit is one of the most feature-rich releases yet, also featuring new controls for accessing Microsoft Graph.
Windows  Hero Microsoft Official e

Microsoft’s Windows 10 WinRT API Pack Gives WPF Developers Easy Access Geolocation and AI

The Windows 10 WinRT API Pack lets WinForms and WPF developers add built-in UWP controls, use Microsoft Edge to show web content, and advanced Inking capabilities, and more.
Windows  SDK own collage from official Microsoft

Windows 10 SDK Update Brings Ink Analysis, Microsoft Graph Notifcations

Visual Studio 15.9.1 introduces a number of improvements for developers, allowing Fluent design elements in older apps, improving notifications, and giving new Inking tools.