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Android 11 Finally Comes to Original Surface Duo

Android 11 is now finding its way to the original Surface Duo after a recent delay, the first update for the device in months.

Microsoft Details Surface Laptop SE Self-Repair Tips

Microsoft has rolled out a video showing users how to fix their Surface Laptop SE at home, even if Microsoft prefers the don’t.

Microsoft Confirms Android 11 Is Coming to Surface Duo Soon

Microsoft has issued a statement on the Android 11 update for the Surface Duo, saying it will arrive in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Eyeing Android 12L Update for Both Surface Duo Smartphones

Microsoft is planning to update the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 to Android 12L, skipping the standard Android 12 version.
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Tom Brady to Be Fined If He Destroys One More Surface Tablet

NFL legendry quarterback Tom Brady says he faces a fine if he continues to smash Microsoft Surface tablets in frustration.

Microsoft: Surface Duo Missing Android 11 Is Google’s Fault

Microsoft has the Android 11 update ready for the original Surface Duo, but is waiting on Google for certification for the update.

Microsoft Patent Hints at Surface Trio Smartphone

A new Microsoft Patent builds on the Surface Duo by adding an extra display to make a Surface Trio smartphones design.

Leak: Black Microsoft Surface Go 3 Spotted Online

Microsoft’s entry-level tablet, the Surface Go 3, is getting a new black variant that will launch this January, according to leaked images.

Microsoft Surface Teams with iFixit to Provide Device Reparation Tools

Microsoft Surface devices will be easier to self-repair thanks to new tools Microsoft has made in partnership with iFixit.

Microsoft Surface Adtaptive Kit Boosts Surface Device Accessibility

Microsoft’s Surface Adaptive Kit is now available, allowing disabled users to get more accessibility on Surface hardware.

Microsoft Debuts Windows 11 SE and $249 Surface Laptop SE

Both the Windows 11 SE operating system and new Surface Laptop SE are targeting education users and Google’s Chrome OS.

Microsoft Launches Surface Management Portal

Surface Management Portal is now part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager to provide centralized Surface device management across an organization.

Google’s Android 12L Feature Drop Brings Benefits to Surface Duo 2 and Other Foldables

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 could get a shot of usability from a new foldable-focused Android 12L feature drop from Google.

Microsoft Commits to Easier Surface Repairability for Consumers in 2022

Microsoft has detailed three steps to make it easier for customers to repair Surface hardware, following a shareholder resolution.

Microsoft Launches Surface Duo 2 Emulator for Android Developers

Android dev’s can now access an emulator for Surface Duo 2 to test and run their apps in an environment that mimics the phone.

Microsoft Announces Surface Adaptive Kit for Improved Device Accessibility

Microsoft’s new Surface Adaptive Kit allows disabled users to access Surface devices and Windows 11 without any compromises in usability.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio Arrives to Combine Desktops and Laptops

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Studio combines the power of the Surface Studio with the convenience of the Surface Book.

Microsoft Debuts New 5G Surface Duo 2 Android Smartphone

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 lands with refreshed design, outside display, and triple camera module to address problems form the first generation.

Microsoft Introduces New Surface Pro 8 with Focus on Inking

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 8 arrives with new Surface Slim Pen 2, Thunderbolt 4 port, new design, and improved display technology.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 Promises Biggest Design Change in 8 Years

Microsoft is likely to overhaul its flagship product with the launch of the Surface Pro 8, including a ne design path for the product.