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Microsoft Surface Headphones Patent Points to Integrated Fingerprint Reader

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent shows future Surface Headphones may receive a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Updated Microsoft Surface Duo Emulator Eases Concerns over Company’s Android Smartphone

It seems Microsoft’s Surface Duo won’t be postponed like the Surface Neo, with a new emulator image now available.

Microsoft Announces Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, Surface Headphones 2, Surface Earbuds

Microsoft announced new Surface devices, including the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 with improved conferencing cameras.

Microsoft Brings Call Support to Your Phone, Expanding Surface Duo Functionality

Ahead of launching the Surface Duo next year, Microsoft is beefing up Your Phone and has added call support on the Inside.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Could Be the Perfect xCloud Phone

The Surface Duo will have a big impact on productivity, but it could also double as a great game-streaming device.

Microsoft Launches Dual-Screen Surface Duo, Re-Enters the World of Smartphones

Except, Microsoft prefers the Android running Surface Duo to be seen as more PC than phone, but it’s a game-changer either way.
Surface Studio Background Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 Could Include MEMS Microphone Technology

Microsoft has found a workaround for MEMS size limitations, suggesting Surface Studio 3 hardware will support the audio technology.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 ANC Provide Surface Headphones Alternative for Half the Price

Lenovo has announced its ThinkPad X1 ANC Headphone, a Surface Headphones competitor that will launch this June for $149.

Cortana Device Setup App Gets Support for Surface Headphones

The Cortana Device Setup app now lets users optimize their Surface Headphones for Cortana use, as well as adjust equalizer settings and view serial numbers.

Microsoft’s $349.99 Surface Headphones to Launch in Only Two Markets

Hugely expensive and available this week, Microsoft’s Surface Headphones are limited to availability in the United States and United Kingdom.

Microsoft Surface Event: Your Phone, Surface All Access, and More

At its Surface event today, Microsoft discussed Surface All Access, the Your Phone service, and new app tools on Windows and Android.

Microsoft Announces Surprise Surface Headphones

Microsoft dropped a major surprise at its Surface event with the launch of the Surface Headphones, a product that ask more questions than they answer.

New Images Surface of Microsoft’s Cancelled Lumia 960 Phone

The latest Lumia 960 images reveal a closer look at the design of the canceled device, as well as a peek at its internals. The source of the images is not yet clear.
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Microsoft Q4 FY2016: $5.5bn Net Income, $22.6bn Revenue; Azure up 102%, Surface up, Phone...

Despite this, the company experienced a year on year decline of seven percent in revenue, and a large drop in device sales. At the forefront of this fall was the Phone market, which declined by 71 percent.
Lumia  XL via Evan Blass

Microsoft buys surfacephone.com, already owns other Surface-related domains

A discussion on Reddit has revealed that Microsoft recently acquired surfacephone.com and that the company also owns the domains surfacelaptop.com and surfacecar.com.
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SHIFT5Pro and SHIFT12: SHIFT announces high-end Windows 10 Phone and a Surface Pro Clone

German phone maker Shift has dumped plans to build its SHIFT5+ in favor of a more powerful SHIFT5Pro. The 5 inch phone will feature the Snapdragon 820 CPU a higher than 20MP camera and USB3 Type C connectivity. With the SHIFT12, a Surface like tablet is also under development.

Report: Microsoft to Open a Surface Duo Insider Program

Microsoft could be readying a Surface Duo Insider Program for its Android smartphone, according to recent evidence.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Finally Gets Android 12L

Both the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 are getting the Android 12L update with features specifically for folding phones.

The Most Powerful Camera in the World: LSST Camera Equals 260 iPhone 14 Pros

A team of engineers based in the USA have created the LSST Camera, the world’s most powerful digital camera system.

Windows Comes to the Surface Duo 2, Here’s How to It Works

Gustave Monce has been able to get Windows 11 running on the Surface Duo 2 Android smartphone, albeit with limitations.


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