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Microsoft to Name Redstone 4 Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Known by its codename Redstone 4, the soon-to-launch update will be called Windows 10 Spring Creators Update and will roll out next month.
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Windows 10 Photos to Get Timeline Feature and Paint 3D Integration

Timeline for Photos will allow Windows 10 users to navigate their images more easily, while Paint 3D will bring editing and 3D creation tools directly to the app.

Windows 10 1803 Comes With Multi-Instance Universal Windows Platform Apps

In a big step forward for the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft is bringing multi-instance app support to Windows 10.

Microsoft Rolls out First Redstone 5 Windows 10 Preview Build 17604 Update

The first Redstone 5 preview is available on Skip Ahead. It was released alongside Windows 10 Preview Build 17101 for Redstone 4 branches.

Microsoft Debuts Windows App Preview Program alongside Redstone 5

The Windows App Preview Program is live and will allow users to test previews for core Windows apps without needing the Skip Ahead branch.
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Microsoft to Launch Windows 10 Redstone 5 on Skip Ahead Next Week

The next fall edition of Windows 10 (Redstone 5) is expected to be available for Insiders next week, ahead of the official launch of Redstone 4.

Microsoft Gives Paint 3D Users Total Editing Control with New Free View

Free View is an in-development tool for Paint 3D that gives users the ability to edit their 3D creations from any angle without needing to default to the regular view.

AdDuplex Report: 53% of Windows 10 Users Are on the Fall Creators Update

AdDuplex data suggests that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the most popular version just two months after its release. The adoption rate is almost double the previous Creators Update.

Microsoft Confirms Windows Timeline Coming in Redstone 4, Demos Upcoming Feature

A demo of Windows Timeline showed what the feature will bring to Redstone 4, including instant support for major Microsoft apps.
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Microsoft Debuts Windows 10 “Redstone 4” Build 17004 With SDR Adjustment

Windows 10 Redstone 4 Preview Build 17004 allows users to adjust SDR in HDR mode, while Microsoft has made several changes in the Settings app.

Windows 10 “Redstone 4” Preview Adds Near Share, Microsoft’s AirDrop Clone

Microsoft has debuted Near Share, a feature that allows Windows 10 users to share files wirelessly. The ability is currently available in the latest Redstone preview.

Microsoft to Integrate Progressive Web Apps with Windows 10 from Redstone 4

The next major Windows 10 build will introduce Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to PC users after Microsoft worked with Google on development.

Microsoft’s Important Story Remix Features Are Hidden Behind an Office 365 Subscription

Story Remix (Photos) is launching next week, but important features like 3D effects will mostly require an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Demos Timelines for Windows 10 Redstone 4

One of the key features for Windows 10 post the Fall Creators Update is Timeline. The company demoed the tool and says it will reach preview soon.

Microsoft’s Story Remix (Photos) Gets 3D Editing Features

Microsoft is gearing up towards the full launch of Story Remix (Photos) on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and has introduced smoother 3D editing for videos.

Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17004 on Skip Ahead

Using the Skip Ahead feature, Insiders can now download Windows 10 Build 17004, a Redstone 4 release that introduces more elements of Fluent Design.
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First Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build Rolls out to ‘Skip Ahead’ Insiders

Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 16353 brings several tweaks to Action Center, as well as DPI, mouse sensitivity, and Slideshow fixes. The build won't be available to Fast Ring Insiders until the Fall Creators Update is finalized.

Microsoft Does 360 on Story Remix: Windows 10 App Now Called ‘Photos’ Once More

After testing both 'Story Remix' and 'Photos & Video', Microsoft has gone back to its original naming. The app will likely stay this way when the Windows 10 Fall Creators update launches in November.
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The ‘Skip Ahead’ to Windows 10 Redstone 4 Option Is No Longer Available

Windows 10 Insiders can no longer skip forward to Redstone 4 before the Fall Creators Update is finalized. The program was announced with a limited capacity, and users will now be met with a dialogue in Settings.
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Windows Insider Program ‘Skip Ahead’ Feature Lets Members Move to Redstone 4

For the first time, Windows Insider Program Fast Ring members can move ahead a branch without waiting for a feature upgrade to launch. Skip Ahead allows users to move from the Redstone 3 branch to what will become Redstone 4.

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