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Microsoft Backs out of Plan to Force Bing on Office 365 ProPlus Users

The installation of Microsoft Search in Bing will now be opt-in, rather than automatic, and users with the extension installed will still be able to switch search engine.

Microsoft Combines Office.com With the Office 365 App Launcher

Office.com and the Office 365 App Launcher are now the same tool. Microsoft also made changes to the way pinned apps behave.

Microsoft Search for Bing Becomes Default Search on Chrome for Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Search is now the default search tool for Google Chrome on Office 365 ProPlus users, with Firefox coming soon.
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Microsoft Changes Its Office 365’s Online Terms of Service after GDPR Concerns

Microsoft has adjusted its Office 365 Online terms of service to mitigate accusations surrounding GDPR investigations. It will now stop collecting commercial telemetry without the user's permission.

Microsoft Developing Office 365 Tool to Combat Reply-All Mail Storm Attacks

Microsoft says its Reply-All Mail Storm Protection tool will be available on Office 365 during the third quarter of 2020.

Microsoft’s Project Cortex Is Rolling out to Office 365, Enabling an Automatic Knowledge Network

Project Cortex automatically organizes relevant content into a knowledge base while delivering cards to users in Office applications to enhance their learning and provide fast access to relevant people and resources.
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Office 365 Admins Are Being Targeted in a Phishing Campaign

An ongoing Office 365 phishing campaign sends emails from real companies to avoid spam filters, before tricking users into signing in on a fake website.
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Phishing Campaign Seeks Office 365 Credentials Through Voicemail Scam

A new phishing campaign is using voicemail to gain Office 365 from “high profile” victims by using three different phishing kits.
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Microsoft Points Office 2010 Users to Office 365 Ahead of End-of-Support

With just a year left on free update support, Office 2010 is on its final lap. Microsoft says now is the time to migrate and points to Office 365 ProPlus as the viable solution.

Customers Left Confused as Office 365 Branding Switches to Microsoft 365

Some consumers are noting a switch of their Office 365 and ProPlus branding to Microsoft 365, but Microsoft says there's nothing to see here.
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Microsoft Updates Home Use Program to Only Subscription Office 365 Purchases

Perpetual Office 365 licenses for Home Use Program (HUP) customers are no longer available, with only subscription purchases on offer.

Microsoft Brings Office 365 to its New Datacenters in South Africa

Users of Office 365 can now access the suite from datacenters located in Cape Town and Johannesburg, both launched earlier this year.

Researchers Confirm Microsoft Office 365 Malware Campaign That Targets Browsers

A new browser campaign fools users into believing they are accessing a legitimate Office 365 website before installing a TrickBot Trojan on their system.

Microsoft To-Do on Mac Receives Planner Integration from Office 365

Microsoft To-Do users on Apple’s Mac can now access the Planner tool from their Office 365 accounts following the most recent update.

Microsoft Nets Contract to Provide 98 of Australia’s Federal Agencies with Office 365

Microsoft will provide all but 2 of Australia's government agencies with Office 365, Windows 10, and other software. It will also provide vital Azure training to 1,400 employees.

German Privacy Watchdog: Microsoft’s Office 365 Cannot Be Used in Public Schools

A data privacy authority for the German State of Hesse says Office 365 cannot be used in schools because it’s unclear what Microsoft does with the data it gathers.

Microsoft Brings Sketchy Shapes to Office 365 for a Quick Wireframe Style

An update for Office Insiders lets users add a sketchy outline style to shapes, indicating that a design is not final without the need for watermarks. They can change it back to neat linework after iterations have been made.

Microsoft Forms Pro Arrives on Dynamics 365 and Office 365

After several months in preview, Microsoft Forms Pro is rolling out to Dynamics 365 and Office 365 users as general availability.

Microsoft Teams to Arrive in Office 365 as Early as Next Week

Microsoft Teams will soon come automatically active in Office 365 Business and ProPlus as early as July 9 for some release channels.
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Microsoft Office 365 Takes Brunt of Phishing Attack Says Researcher

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the favored target of bad actors creating ever-potent phishing attacks that mimic legitimate contacts.

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