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Hugging Face and AMD Partner to Accelerate State-of-the-Art AI Natural Language Processing Models

Hugging Face and AMD partner to accelerate the training and deployment of large language models, which will help developers build AI.

The Battle for Reddit: Users and Developers Unite in Protest against Unfair API Fees

Reddit is facing a revolt from its users and developers over its new API pricing scheme. Will it listen to their demands or risk losing them?

Microsoft Gains China’s Approval to Acquire Activision Blizzard amid Ongoing Antitrust Scrutiny

The clearance has added complexity given the requirement in mainland China for game-makers to work with a Chinese publisher for releasing titles in the country.

Microsoft Says Windows 11 Is Causing Problems for VPNs

Microsoft says it is aware of an issue with the Windows 11 April 2023 updates causing VPN problems and is working on a fix.
European Comission Flikr

Microsoft Facing Azure Cloud Probe in the European Union

Microsoft is facing an informal European Commission investigation over ongoing complaints regarding its Azure and Office 365 Cloud practices.

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition Gets European Approval

The European Commission says Microsoft has made enough concessions for its Activision Blizzard merger, including giving game licenses to cloud rivals.

Google Launches Studio Bot, an AI Programming Assistant for Android Developers

With Studio Bot, Android developers can ask questions, get code examples, debug errors, and more using AI and Kotlin in Android Studio.

Doubts Raised over Microsoft 365 Data Protection Compliance in Germany

German Federal States Refuse to Release a Legal Report on Microsoft 365's Data Protection Compliance.

Western Digital Attack Left “Personal Information” Compromised

Western Digital says that it has informed customers their personal information may have been taken during a cyberattack in March.

Microsoft Opens Xbox Game Pass Referral Program with 14-Day Free Trial

The Xbox Game Pass Friend Referrals allows users to invite friends to PC Game Pass with a 14-day free trial.

GitHub Opens Private Vulnerability Reporting for Projects

GitHub private vulnerability reporting is now reaching public beta to allow researchers to privately warn project managers of vulnerabilities.

Twitter Enters Partnership with eToro to Provide On-site Crypto Transactions

Twitter has plans to become a payment platform and a new partnership with eToro now brings cryptocurrency buying/selling to the platform.

Testing Microsoft’s Claims That Bing Chat Provides Value and Traffic to Publishers

In a blog post, Microsoft says that Bing Chat is committed to improving traffic and value for publishers and details how.

Why Microsoft’s Ethics and Society Jobs Cuts Could Impact the Company’s AI Products

Microsoft’s decision to shutter its ethics and society team means easier AI product launches, but a potential abandonment of proper internal oversight.
TSMC Headquarters

Microsoft Could Leverage TSMC CoWoS for Its Propietory AI Chip

Microsoft could contract TSMC and use the CoWoS platform to develop its own artificial intelligence chip for future AI products.

WhatsApp Upcoming “Newsletter” Feature Found in Beta Code

WhatsApp code on Android shows a “Newsletter” experience that would allow users to see the content they want in private.
TeslaWorkers United united_tesla Twitter

Twitter Accused of Hiding Pro-Union Tesla Account from Search Results

The Tesla workers claim that their Twitter account was hidden from search results.

Apple Reveals Refreshed MacBook Pro Models with M2 Chips

Apple is introducing an upgrade to its MacBook Pro models, bringing the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors to the series.

Microsoft Returns to the JEDI Cloud Project, This Time with Oracle, Google, and Amazon

The JEDI war cloud contract is back – now known as JWCC – and the Pentagon is seeking a multi-cloud approach for the $9bn project.

Meta Oversight Board Seeks to Overhaul Facebook’s Cross-Check Program

The Meta Oversight Board says that the Facebook cross-check feature is too focused on business concerns and not human rights.

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