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Microsoft’s $69 Billion Activision Blizzard Acquisition Nears Completion with Preliminary UK Approval

The UK's CMA is entering a preliminary approval phase for Microsoft's Activision Blizzard merger, after previously blocking the deal.

FTC Announces Refund Process for Fortnite Players Charged for Unwanted Items

Epic Games accused of using deceptive tactics, leading players to make unintended in-game purchases.

Agility Robotics to Mass-Produce Humanoid Robots in Oregon

Agility Robotics' latest innovation is designed to support the human workforce, allowing them to focus on human-centric tasks and boost societal welfare.

Microsoft Edge Gets Improved Cryptocurrency Web Wallet Feature

Microsoft Edge introduces support for cryptocurrency wallets and converts it into a web application.

EU Regulators Double down on Microsoft Teams in Spite of Split-off Proposal

While Microsoft says it will split Microsoft Teams from Office in Europe, regulators are reportedly still not happy.

Intel Makes Thunderbolt 5 Official, Promising Speeds of up to 120Gbps

Thunderbolt 5 addresses the growing bandwidth needs of users, ensuring quality visuals for high-res displays and low-latency demands.

Google Gboard Introduces AI-Powered Proofreading Tool

The new feature assesses the entire text, suggesting corrections and enhancements, such as punctuation additions.

Meta Deprecates Facebook News Tab in Major European Countries

Meta has expressed the need to allocate resources to content users want to see more of on the platform, especially short-form video.

Malaysia Considers Compensation Rules for Big Tech News Content

Malaysia is contemplating the introduction of regulations that would mandate tech giants like Google and Meta/Facebook, to compensate news outlets for content sourced from...

Meta and LG Collaborate on MR/AR Headset to Compete with Apple Vision Pro

The joint venture aims to introduce a device that can compete head-to-head with Apple's Vision Pro offering.

Microsoft SharePoint Introduces Email Feature for News Posts

Microsoft SharePoint now offers a feature for SharePoint News that lets companies turn news posts into emails.

Apple Gears Up for Major iPad Pro Revamp Amidst Slumping Tablet Sales

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil a significantly updated iPad Pro next year in a bid to reenergize the stagnating tablet market.

Microsoft Teams for Education Introduces “Search Progress” to Help Students Track Research

Microsoft Teams for Education introduces "Search Progress", a new feature that helps students track their research progress and educators monitor student work.
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Elon Musk´s X to Hide News Headlines and Encourages Direct Publishing

Elon Musk believes that this alteration will help combat the prevalence of clickbait.

Microsoft Plans Selling Activision Cloud Gaming Rights to Ubisoft to Get UK Acquisition Approval

Under a restructured agreement, Ubisoft would obtain the cloud streaming rights for all current and upcoming Activision Blizzard PC and console games.

Intel Arc 4644 Driver Update Brings Up to 45% Performance Improvement in Games

Intel's latest driver update for its Arc discrete GPUs brings major performance improvements, up to 45% in some games.

Nividia H100 AI GPUs Make about 1,000% Profit per Unit

Nvidia's selling price for these GPUs fluctuates between $25,000 and $30,000, contingent on the order volume.
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AP Issues Guidelines on Generative AI Use in Newsrooms

The guidelines emphasize that AI and tools such as ChatGPT or other generative AI should not be used to create publishable content or images.
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News Publishers Consider Suing AI Firms over Copyright Infringement

Top news publishers are reportedly planning to sue AI firms that are using their content without permission.

Google’s Genesis AI: A Threat to Journalists or a Tool for Progress?

Google is reportedly developing an AI tool called Genesis that could revolutionize the way news is produced.

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