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Microsoft Office for Android Already Supports Dual Screen on Some Phones

Users of the LG G8X have noticed the ability to swipe Office apps from one screen to the other, as well as use two in tandem for enhanced productivity.

Microsoft Surface Centaurus Devices will be Powered by Windows 10X

Windows Core OS will become Windows 10X at launch, a new report suggests. The platform will power the folding screen Surface Centaurus.

Microsoft Moves Visual Studio 2019 to Release Candidate

Visual Studio 2019 is now ready to launch ahead of its April 2 introduction after Microsoft moved the preview to the Release Candidate branch.
Windows  SDK own collage from official Microsoft

Windows 10 SDK Update Brings Ink Analysis, Microsoft Graph Notifcations

Visual Studio 15.9.1 introduces a number of improvements for developers, allowing Fluent design elements in older apps, improving notifications, and giving new Inking tools.

Microsoft Edge Suffers Another Blow as Google Enters ARM Race with Chrome

Google is working with Qualcomm to brings ARM capabilities to Chrome. Doing so would dent Microsoft Edge as the browser continues to battle Chrome’s dominance.

Google Launches Android Studio 3.2 with 20 New Features

Android Studio 3.2 is now available to developers, providing numerous improvements like support for the Android App Bundle.

Samsung Shows off Note 8-powered Linux Desktop Experience

Samsung's DeX will soon allow for a Linux desktop experience via the Note 8, allowing more freedom for developers and bringing a better gaming experience to consumers.

Microsoft: Xamarin Live Player Still Requires Fully Configured Mac

After confusion that Xamarin Live Player removes the need of a Mac during iOS app developments, Microsoft has clarified the functionality of the service in a new FAQ.

Project Rome SDK: Microsoft Announces iOS Support for Cross-Platform App Control Toolkit

The Project Rome SDK for iOS currently supports iOS client to Windows host experiences and is in the early stages of development. Further improvements could create a seamless experience between all devices.

Microsoft Debuts Xamarin Live Player for Visual Studio

With Xamarin Live Player, developers can quickly manage their apps on the move through iOS and Android apps. The extension is available in preview today on Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac.
Windows  SDK own collage from official Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15042

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15042 brings several bug fixes, as well as a name change for the setup executable which will be “WinSDKSetup.exe” from now on. No API changes have occurred since build 15021.

Microsoft Bot Framework Gets Updated with Channel Inspector and Speed Improvements

With the update Microsoft makes it easier to connect bots to other services and also testing and debugging bots on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also brings some performance improvements.
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Microsoft Makes Azure Storage Client Library for Xamarin Generally Available

An extension of Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first strategy, Azure Storage Client Library for Xamarin allows developers to have an easier experience for creating apps and services.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Microsoft Discusses Xamarin Integration on Visual Studio

At Xamarin Evolve 2016, Microsoft has announced deeper integration for the cross platform app creator into Visual Studio.
Build  logo official website

Build 2016: Check Out All the News from Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference was nothing short of epic, the annual developer’s conference was a showcase for a myriad of new services and major updates to existing ones.
IMAGE FEATURED TEXT  Garageband for Windows

Garageband for Windows – How to Run It on a PC and 11 Alternatives

You want to download Garageband for Windows? Don´t get confused by online rip-offs as there is no Windows version! Luckily you can run the original Mac version also on Windows and there are pretty good Garageband alternatives for PC as well.
How to run Android Apps with Windows  featured

The 3 best methods to run Android apps with Windows 10

Do you know you can Android apps with Windows 10? Although Microsoft has put Project Astoria on ice which should allow ported Android apps to run on Windows 10, you can still do it! There are even different ways to run Android apps or even a whole Android system with Windows 10. Here are the three best methods shown in detail in our multi-media tutorial.