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Microsoft’s Mixer Gets Live Stream Ads, but Creators Are yet to Get a Cut

Mixer will show on ads on creator's live streams, but they won't currently get a cut. The platform says it's exploring ways to pass in revenue but wouldn't make a firm commitment.

Mixer Viewers Can Now Support Streamers Through Xbox Game Pass

Users who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass can now help their favorite Mixer streamers through an extension of the Direct Purchase program.

Microsoft’s Mixer Pens Exclusive Contract with Ninja, Twitch’s Biggest Streamer

Microsoft has signed a deal with Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, who holds 14 million subscribers on Twitch, to stream exclusively on its Mixer platform.

Microsoft Lays Off Mixer Programming Team as Streaming Plans Crumble

Microsoft is making changes to Mixer, cutting programmers in the game streaming platform, potentially signaling the end of the service.

Watch Microsoft’s E3 2019 Conference on Mixer for Free DLC and More

During E3 2019, Microsoft will be handing out free DLC and other items on its Mixer streaming service. The company is yet to announce many rewards, but Sea of Thieves players can grab the Onyx Four Pack.
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Fable 4 Shows up on Microsoft’s Mixer Streaming Service after Third-Party Slip Up

Fable 4 briefly appeared on Microsoft's Mixer streaming site after a third party listed the game as a title. It's unclear if the company had inside knowledge.

Microsoft’s Mixer App Gets Event Notifications and Video Quality Improvements on iOS

An update to Microsoft's Mixer app for iOS adds an auto streaming quality for some users, as well as What's New section and expanded notifications.

Microsoft Updates Mixer on iOS with New Features

Users of the Mixer streaming service on iPhone and iPad can now update to version 4.2.0, which brings new features and improvements.

Microsoft Launches Mixer Season 2 with Four New Features

Mixer Season 2 is available now with a focus on engagement between streamers and fans. Skills, Sparks, Embers, and Progression are four new features on Season 2.

Microsoft Mixer Debuts Horror Movie Streaming for Halloween

Mixer now streams movies, with five titles streaming each week leading up to Halloween at the end of this month.

Microsoft Updates Mixer on iOS With Video Playback Improvements

The latest update for Mixer on iOS also adds more tools for Clips with modification tools such as a delete function.

Mixer Users Can Now Broadcast Everything on Xbox One

A new Xbox One preview allows Mixer users to broadcast everything that is happening on their screen, including the Xbox dashboard.

Facebook Aims for Mixer, YouTube, and Twitch with Vidpresso Acquisition

Through the acquisition of Vidpresso, Facebook hopes to differentiate by bringing interactive features to videos on its network.

Mixer Streams Get Pro Treatment with Lightstream Studio Partnership

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Lightstream Studio for Mixer, which will integrate the company’s stream customization tools to the platform.

Mixer Gets Direct Purchase to Buy Games In-Stream

Direct Purchase for Mixer allows users to purchase games and DLC directly in the streaming service without needing to go to the Microsoft Store.

Mixer to Aid Streamer Monetization via Tips and Affiliate Purchases

Mixer will soon let its user's purchase games directly from the site, giving streamers a percentage of the earnings. The streaming service is also planning to add subscriptions to the Xbox and app, tips, and more.

Microsoft’s Radbot Trademark Points to Mixer Integration

Radbot is a customer service bot designed for online game streaming, suggesting it is being developed for Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

Microsoft Mixer Create Allows Mobile Live Streaming on iOS and Android

The Mixer Create app allows broadcasters to stream content directly from their mobile device, while they can also manage chats, participate in co-streams, and vlog.

Gamescom 2017: Microsoft Announces Mixer Prizes, German Xbox Wire, and More

Microsoft is gearing up for Gamescom 2017 with a booth promo video, showcasing playable demos of Sea of Thieves, Forza 7, PUBG and more. The event will kick off at 9 CEST on Sunday.

Users of Microsoft’s Live Streaming Service Confused after Botched Mixer Pro Giveaway

Mixer is rewarding users with free Beam Pro membership, but the sudden nature has left many worried about unapproved charges.


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