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Microsoft Patent Shows Automated Travel Journal System

A new Microsoft Patent describes a system driven by automated AI to help users create travel diaries and link with virtual assistants.

Microsoft Patent Details Concept for a Braille Xbox Controller

Microsoft's Braille Xbox Controller would provide Braille output via a changing display while accepting and voice input and offering haptic feedback.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Patent Tackles Display Calibration on Dual-Screen Hardware

A new Microsoft patent explains a new method to create a unified viewing experience through calibration on two-display devices.

Microsoft Patent Explains Folding Hinge Assembly for Windows 10 Devices

A new Microsoft Patent showcases a new hinge mechanism for folding screen devices. Another filing details how the company wants to enhance audio on augmented reality devices.

Microsoft Patent Points to New Surface Pro Hinge Mechanism

Microsoft is testing a new kickstand hinge system for Surface Pro and other dual-screen and foldable display products.

Microsoft Patent Wants Cortana to Play Nice with Other Apps

A new Microsoft Patent focused on Cortana wants native voice to be accessible to third-parties, allowing a universal voice command across apps.

Microsoft Patent Shows Folding Screen with “Floating” Connection

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent furthers the company’s development of folding screen technology, including a floating hinge connection.

Microsoft Patent Suggest Surface Devices with Fabric Touch Sensors

Microsoft has an idea to implement fabric in a more useful way on Surface and HoloLens, allowing sensors to sit under a fabric covering.

Microsoft Patent Solves Folding Screen Battery Problems

How do batteries fit into a folding screen? Well, a Microsoft Patent describes a new flexible battery that would bend with the display.

Microsoft Patent Shows Surface Keyboard with Improved Typing Experience

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent describes Surface keyboard that maintains typing speed and efficiency while making the deck thinner.

Microsoft Patents Detail Proposed Surface Dial and Surface Pen Changes

Microsoft has filed a pair of patents describing proposed touch features for Surface Dial and Surface Pen peripheral devices.

Latest Microsoft Patent Suggests Further Improvements to the Surface Kickstand

Microsoft's patent could lead to a thinner Surface kickstand with a strong tablet support and variable resistance. However, it remains to be seen if it will actually make it to market.

Microsoft Patent Points to Outlook Getting Smarter through AI Integrations

Microsoft is working on a couple of AI integrations for the Outlook calendar, which would allow users to have a more automated scheduling tool.
Hololens official Microsoft

Microsoft Patent Brings One-Click Shopping to HoloLens

A new one-click shopping experience for Mixed Reality shows how Microsoft is not ready to give up on physical retail just yet.

Microsoft Patent Suggest Magnetic USB-C Connector for Surface Devices

Microsoft is continuing to explore a more fluid adoption of USB-C on its Surface devices, with a patent describing an adjustable magnetic connector.

Microsoft Patent Uses Magnets to Bring Real-World Movement to VR

A newly published Microsoft Patent shows how two magnets can be used to manipulate attraction to create forces for the wearer when using VR.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Gesture-Enabled Smart Ring

Microsoft's smart ring concept includes two sensors and a controller that enable multi-finger gestures to control a display, phone, watch, and more.

Microsoft Patent Furthers Surface Phone Dual-Screen Technology

Perhaps the Surface Phone is not dead. A new Microsoft Patent shows a mobile device with a hinge system for dual-screen unlocking.

Microsoft Patent Suggests Method for a Thinner Surface Pro Keyboard

The next Surface Pro is rumored for a significant redesign, and part of that may be a thinner keyboard that utilizes etching and circuit board-integrated touchpad.

Microsoft Patent Describes Mixed Reality Headset That Can Turn Transparent at Will

A new patent may hint at the future of Mixed Reality, letting users switch seamlessly between real and virtual worlds via headset opacity adjustments.

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