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Marissa Mayer Yahoo

Yahoo! Confirms Marissa Mayer to Step Down Post Verizon Acquisition

Since becoming CEO in 2012, Marissa Mayer has led Yahoo! through its toughest times. The company continues a steep decline and Verizon nearly pulled the plug on its purchase after last year’s record security breaches.
Ultrahaptics Test Immersion Screenshot

Ultrahaptics Tests by Immersion Can Add Touch to HoloLens

The ability to create real-like touch feedback in mixed reality is one of the biggest challenges for Microsoft’s HoloLens. French company Immersion is using Ultrahaptics to bring touch to augmented reality.
Project Loon Google

Google’s Project Loon is a Stolen Concept Say SDC

Space Data Corporation says it had the idea of using balloons to deliver the internet before Google created Project Loon, and is now suing the company.
Windows  google apps

Rumor: Google To Release Apps For Windows 10

Just before the launch of new Lumia flagships, a rumor suggests that Google will debut its own set of apps for the new Windows 10 ecosystem. Considering the rivalry of both tech giants, such a move would be surprising.

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