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Microsoft Garage Introduces New Face Swap App

The new application lets you transport your selfie into fun scenes and change your face thanks to facial recognition technology by Microsoft Research and Bing image results.

Microsoft Garage Announces New HoloLens Package ‘Holographic Photo Project’

The new app lets users link OneDrive albums to 3D, holographic souvenirs, allowing them to relive their memories in a more immersive way.

Microsoft Garage Introduces Your News Curating App for Xbox One

Your News is a powerful new application that curates written and video news content on the game console. However, the app is not easy to find on the Xbox Store.

Microsoft Garage Releases Script Lab, a Tool to Test Office’s JavaScript APIs in Word,...

Script Lab for Office lets developers create JavaScript add-ons from within the applications, with IntelliSense support and the ability to share and import snippets from GitHub. The tool is currently available for free on the Office Store.
Write Ideas App

New Microsoft Garage “Write Ideas App” for iOS Aims to Helps Students with Writing...

Write Ideas is already available for download at the App Store. It is a pre-writing tool which helps students get started on book reports, essays and more.
Microsoft Garage installations in Vancouver, Canada

Microsoft Garage Debuts Project Lively for Sharing Collaborative Files on Office

Project Lively lets users share Word files across email and teams. Files that are edited automatically update for all users, making collaborative documents easier to manage.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Email Insights Makes Searching Inboxes Easier

Email Insights is an app that Microsoft Garage describes as an extension for Outlook and Gmail. The service intuitively searches inboxes to make finding content easier.
Cache Screenshot Microsoft

Microsoft Garage Closes Cache Syncing Service

Cache was launched in August to sync content from iPhone to Windows. Microsoft Garage has decided to end the service. This is not abnormal for the division, which creates experimental apps across platforms.
Microsoft Garage installations in Herzliya, Israel

Interview: Microsoft Shares Details about Microsoft Garage Strategy and Expansion

The Microsoft Garage is expanding to three more international destinations in 2017. We have spoken with Anne Legato, Chief Communicator at the Microsoft Garage to learn about how Microsoft runs this employee-driven initiative.
Color Binoculars Garage Compilation Feature WinBuzzer

Microsoft Garage’s Color Binoculars Help Colorblind Experience the World

The latest project from the Microsoft Garage Division is Color Binoculars. Using a camera filter, the app swaps colors to help colorblind distinguish hues and experience the world like everybody else.
DealWatcher Garage Microsoft Official

Microsoft Garage DealWatcher App Makes Getting Deals Easy

DealWatcher has launched on iOS in private beta. The Microsoft Garage app removes the process of shopping for the best deals and discounts online.
Trip Tracker Microsoft

New Trip Tracker App by Microsoft Garage Automatically Tracks Your Journeys

Trip Tracker tracks walks, runs, bike rides and car journeys automatically, while still keeping battery life intact.
Microsoft Flower Project Image Official

Microsoft Garage Releases iOS App for Automatic Flower Recognition

Microsoft says that the Flower Recognition Application, currently only available in Chinese, uses deep learning and image mapping to identify flowers.
News Pro iOS iTunes

Microsoft Garage Brings News Pro 3.0 to Android

With the launch of News Pro 3.0 for iOS, Microsoft Garage has introduced the news aggregating service on Android for the first time. However, Windows users continue to be frustrated by lack of Garage support.
Project Cordoba Microsoft

Project Córdoba: Microsoft Garage Project Brings IoT Data Manipulation to Excel

Microsoft's Project Córdoba allows Excel to stream and visualize device data in real time, and pairs with a worksheet collection for use in STEM education.
HiveOut App Microsoft Official

Microsoft Garage Launches HiveOut in India

The new HiveOut Android app makes it easier for mobile groups running Office 365 to interact with each other in India. The service is focused on schools and colleges.
LOOP SDK Microsoft Official

Microsoft Garage Debuts LOOP SDK for In-App Location Services

LOOP is the latest service from Microsoft Garage. The service gives developers tools to integrate location analytics into their iOS and Android apps.
Video Breakdown Background Microsoft Official

Microsoft Garage Officially Launches Video Breakdown

Announced last month, Video Breakdown analyzes video in numerous Azure services, giving details on OCR, Linguistic Transcript, and Face Detection.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Rolls Out Five New Projects

The hot streak of Microsoft Garage is continuing with photo oriented Santorini, writing app Write Ideas, Hearing AI, and two new web add-ins.
Cache Screenshot Microsoft

Microsoft Garage’s Cache app Gives Windows 10 and iPhone a shared clipboard

The application will allow users to bookmark and organize relevant content, allowing for faster research and note taking.

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