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Microsoft Launches OneNote 2016 Class Notebook Tools for Mac

Teachers who use Class Notebooks in their Mac PCs can now enjoy the benefits of Class Notebook Tools, which was previously made available for Windows users...

Microsoft’s Hackathon Kicks Off This Week as New Book Celebrates Past Ability Hack Winners

As a new Hackathon begins, a new book details the creation and ongoing development of Eye Gaze and Learning Tools, two ability hacks Microsoft folded into its services.

Project Zanzibar: Microsoft Smart Mat Could Bring Physical Board Games to the Digital World

Microsoft's Project Zanzibar smart mat could have many applications, from childhood play to boardgames, AR enhancement, and learning tools. The company will allegedly reveal more at CHI 2018.

Microsoft Announces Office January Update in Preview on iOS

Office Insiders on Apple’s platform can now use Learning Tools in Word, while the app will adjust automatically to iPad. PowerPoint has gained an editor identifier.

Microsoft Updates OneNote with Education-Focused Improvements, Researcher Integration

Over the past month, OneNote has received improvements to Class Notebooks and Learning Tools, as well as the integration of several new services and the redesigned Windows 10 client.
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Microsoft Rolls out Office Lens Changes: iPad Release, Android and iPhone Updates, Word and...

The updates bring several bug fixes to Android and iOS, as well as improved Learning tools integration, the ability to take Office Lens pictures from Word and Powerpoint, and an iPad app.

How to Successfully Develop an AI Chatbot

This article was contributed by Geniusee CEO Taras Tymoshchuk. AI chatbot development services are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. These advanced bots...

Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Azure for Advanced Weather Predictions

This article was contributed by Austin Gendron who is a Solutions Engineer at Tomorow.io In an era where climate change is becoming increasingly relevant, the...

How Microsoft Azure is Leading the Way for Mainstreaming Supercomputers on the Cloud

With Azure HPC (high performance computing), Microsoft is becoming a leader in cloud-based supercomputer technology.
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Microsoft Edge Math Solver Arrives as a Math Homework Cheat Code

Microsoft Edge is debuting a feature called Math Solver, which allows users to send and image of a math problem and receive the answer and instructions.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel Now Analyzes User and Entity Behavior

Microsoft has updated its Azure Sentinel security service to give users more reasons to send expensive analytics data.

Microsoft Garage Trove Platform Helps Train AI with User Submitted Images

By using Trove, photographers can submit images to help developers train AI models, while potentially receiving prizes in return.

Microsoft Research Shows AI System for Restoring Old Photos

Microsoft Research has detailed a new method for cleaning degraded images, using an AI-based novel texture transformer.

Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader Gets Translate Features

Users of the Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader can now get content read to them in different language in preview.

Microsoft Mixer Gets Education Category to Help Educators

Mixer now has an education category focused on learning streams to help students at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minecraft Education Edition is Now Free to Eligible Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft says educators can now apply for free access to Minecraft Education Edition amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Releases Azure Sentinel in General Availability

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) service that is now widely available.

Microsoft Documentation Points to Windows Core OS Implementation

New Microsoft documentation shows details of the company’s Windows Core OS, the modular version of Windows 10.

Microsoft Announces Full PyTorch 1.2 Support in Azure

In a blog post, Microsoft highlighted how PyTorch 1.2 can integrate in Azure services, while also announcing the contribution of ONNX features.
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Microsoft Developing Windows Core OS with New Action Center

It seems the modular Windows Core OS (WCOS) will come with a new Action Center according to a subtle hint on LinkedIn.

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