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The translation capabilities in One Note learning tools

Learning Tools’ Immersive Reader Gets Translation, Line Focus in Word, and More

Learning Tools has received several major improvements across Word and OneNote online and desktop, integrating translation capabilities, new reading modes, and more.

Microsoft Brings Learning Tools to Word Online and OneNote Online

Following its launch last year and expansion to Office 365, Microsoft is again rolling out Learning Tools to more services. Along with Word Online and OneNote Online support, the tool is now available in more languages.
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Microsoft Integrates Learning Tools in Office Online

Microsoft's Learning Tools will expand to Word Online and Desktop, as well as Office Lens and OneNote Online.
OneNote Hackathon Team Official

Microsoft Officially Releases OneNote Learning Tools, Extra Language and Theme Support

One Note Learning Tools official release comes with some major features, including a greatly expanded language pool, support for different reading enabling themes, and a simple download process.

Google Integrates Gemini AI into Classroom Tools

The Gemini for Google Workspace add-on allows educators to use AI to enhance apps like Docs, Gmail, and Sheets.

Microsoft Expands Educational Tools with Reading Coach Standalone Application

Microsoft launched Reading Coach, a free AI-powered app that personalizes reading practice with interactive stories.

Microsoft Forms Introduces Student-Focused Practice Mode for Enhanced Learning

Microsoft Forms' new "Practice mode" lets students tackle quizzes one question at a time, with instant feedback and encouraging messages

Microsoft Teams for Education Introduces Tools for Content Reuse and Feedback

The new features aim to streamline educational workflows and facilitate better interaction between teachers and students.

Apple Machine Learning Head Departs to Become CEO of the AI2 Research Institute

Apple machine learning chief Ali Farhadi has left the company and will now head the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (A12).
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Google Cloud Adds AI-Powered Tools to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine

The AI-powered tools aim to revolutionize drug discovery and precision medicine, streamlining research processes and potentially reducing costs.

Google Colab to Get AI Coding Tools from PaLM 2 Codey

Google Colab and PaLM 2 are AI-powered tools that are revolutionizing the way software is developed with AI coding.

Microsoft Edge to Allow Users to Remove Features and Choose the Tools They Want

Microsoft Edge Canary builds are now testing a tool that allows users to hide browser features like Collections, Web Capture, and Shopping.

US Lawmakers Exploring Ways to Regulate ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Other AI Tools

The Commerce Department is urging regulators to look into creating laws to govern AI such as OpenAI ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Chat.

Bing Chat Coming to Webmasters Tools to Monitor Site Traffic

Users of Bing Webmasters Tools will now see data from the new Bing Chat AI search engine, including impressions and clicks.

Microsoft Viva Gets New Partner Integrations and Developer Tools

During day one of Inspire 2021, Microsoft introduced new features for its Microsoft Viva employee experience service.

Build 2021: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Managed Endpoints Arrives

Also at Build 2021, Microsoft said Azure Machine Learning now also gets PyTorch Enterprise support for the first time.

Microsoft Launches Viva Learning in Public Preview

Viva Learning is a new central hub for organization-wide learning that is part of Microsoft’s new Viva employee experience.

Microsoft Expands Digital Skills Learning Initiative Through 2021

Microsoft says it’s Digital Skills Learning initiative is coming to more people during this year, after more than 30 million have already used the project.

Microsoft Edge August Updates Include New Tools for Immersive Reader and Collections

In a new blog series, Microsoft discusses new features that came to Microsoft Edge this month, also including an update for the PDF reader.

Microsoft Announces Azure Machine Learning Courses on Udacity

Microsoft and Udacity are offering an introductory Azure Machine Learning course and a scholarship to a more complex course.

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