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Cloud Security Microsoft Official

Microsoft Confirms Secure Productive Enterprise for October 1 Release

During day one of Ignite 2016, Microsoft said Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 will join Secure Productive Enterprise for an Oct. 1 launch.
Microsoft Ignite Nadella Microsoft Official

Microsoft and Adobe Announce Strategic Partnership to Reach Digital Customers

At Ignite 2016, Microsoft and Adobe discussed a new collaboration that will see each adopt services from the other. Adobe will make Azure it preferred cloud platform, while Microsoft will use Marketing Cloud in Dynamics 365 Enterprise.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Micrososft to Share AI Tools with Four Chinese Universities for Market Foothold

Microsoft will bring its AI tools and datasets to four of China's top universities to foster innovation. The move may let it establish a foothold in the local market, but it has significant competition.

Microsoft’s Brainwave System Results in Tenfold Speed Increase for Bing AI

Microsoft's Brainwave is spurring huge increases in the speed and scale of Bing, allowing it to search billions of documents in under a second and deliver intelligent results. The platform will soon be available on the Azure cloud.
Office Homepage Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 Performed Well in Consumer and Commercial Spaces Last Quarter

As part of Microsoft’s Q2 earnings call yesterday, the company announced that Office is enjoying solid growth in both commercial and consumer. This is largely driven by the success of Office 365 on the cloud.
PowerBI com arcgis screenshot microsoft

Microsoft Updates PowerBI.com with Support for ArcGIS Maps Preview

ArcGIS Maps is no longer exclusive to Power BI desktop, bringing capable map visualization tools to the browser.
Security Icon Microsoft

US Navy Says 134,000 Sailors Are Affected in Severe Security Breach

The US Navy is currently in the process of notifying the Sailors whose sensitive information has been accessed.
Kepler  Ignite Microsoft Official

Microsoft Discusses Small and Fast Kepler-47 Server Prototype

Kepler-47 is a two-server cluster that delivers 20TB of Flash-accelerated storage inside a package small enough to be a carry-on bag.
OneDrive Devices Microsoft

Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox Blocked in Turkey

A recent political hacking scandal in Turkey has led to the country blocking OneDrive and other cloud storage solutions. The nation has previously taken a tough stance against social media and is known for limiting internet freedom.
Edge Microsoft Opening WinBuzzer Homepage Collage Own

Microsoft will Start Updating Edge Browser through Windows Store

Instead of updating the Edge browser through Windows Update, Microsoft will use the Windows Store to roll out feature updates.
Office Awards Microsoft Official

Microsoft Announces Office Awards Ceremony Winners

The Office Award Ceremony was held at Ignite last week. Shutterstock took the Best Overall Office Prize at the show, which rewards developers who have created the best Office apps and add-ins.
Office Lens official Microsoft

Microsoft to Integrate Office Lens with OneDrive for Business

The app was previously only integrated with OneDrive. By adding it toOneDrive for Business, Microsoft makes it now available to Office 365 subscribers.
visio  official microsoft

Microsoft Confirms Visio for Android and Windows Phones

After previously launching Visio in preview for iPads, Microsoft has confirmed the service for other mobile platforms, including its own Windows phones. There is no official launch date for the diagram tool, however.
Operations Management Suite Microsoft Official

Operations Management Suite Scores Huge Update from Microsoft

At Ignite, the company detailed many new features for Operations Management Suite. The infrastructure management service is now even more functional for customers.
Windows  Hero Microsoft Official e

Microsoft: Windows 10 Is Now on 400 Million Active Devices

Windows 10 usage continues to grow steadily as 100 million active devices began using the operating system since May of this year.
Azure App Service Microsoft

Microsoft Debuts Public Preview of Azure Monitoring

The new Azure Monitoring service allows customers to manage metrics and logs, while APIs bring extended product integration.

Microsoft to Integrate Planner, To Do, and Project into One Platform

Microsoft unveils a unified task management app called Planner, combining To Do, Project for the web, and existing Planner.

OpenAI Firing CEO Sam Altman, Loses Greg Brockman and Researchers, Investors “Blindsided”

According to reports, OpenAI investors were blindsided by Sam Altman’s firing not getting advanced notice about the decision. 

X Social Media Files Lawsuit against Elon Musk’S X Corp over Rebranding of Twitter

Many X competitors claim the rebranding of Twitter has caused them financial losses and X Social Media is suing.

Microsoft Begins Move Away from SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows will reach end-of-support for SharePoint 2010 Online this year, and will be deprecated on SharePoint 2013 Online.

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