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Microsoft Brings HoloLens Apps Remote Assist and Project Visualize to Android and iOS

Microsoft’s expansion of HoloLens apps to mobile has started, with Remote Assist coming to Android and Project Visualize debuting on iOS.

HoloLens App Gets Approval from FDA for Use in Surgical Planning

OpenSight has become the first HoloLens app to get FDA approval and will be used for training and surgery planning once it hits the market.
Hololens official Microsoft

Microsoft: 150 HoloLens Apps Developed During First Year of Availability

The company says developer support for the still in preview HoloLens headset has been good, with 150 third party apps sitting alongside Microsoft’s own services since the device launched last year.

Loooks New HoloLens App Allows for Detailed 3D Landscape Visualization

Loook's latest app will provide BGC with detailed 3D landscape visualizations for use in mine and environment reclamation. The proof of concept integrates geological and monitoring datasets to visualize potential changes.
HoloLens Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Holographic Remoting Player HoloLens App Lands in Windows Store

Holographic Remoting Player lets users outsource the processing needs to the HoloLens to a PC. This means the processing is not carried out by the device, with frame improvements up to 60fps one of the advantages.
Holo Anatomy YouTube Microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens App ‘HoloAnatomy” Named International Science Media Finalist

The mixed-reality application was the first third party app to be launched for the HoloLens, and faces stiff competition from Google and Sir David Attenborough.
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Microsoft Simplifies HoloLens App Creation Process

New GitHub repositories offer HoloLens developers a new Build Windows tool to help make the app creation process easier. This will hopefully help Microsoft get more content.
Oulook on Hololens Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook for HoloLens App Unveiled

Outlook gets a whole new dimension with a new app for HoloLens, bringing the UWP app to the augmented reality headset and showing just how slick AR can be.
HoloLens Microsoft Official

Microsoft Adds More HoloLens Apps and Games to Windows Store

After saying the HoloLens will only launch to consumers when more content is ready, Microsoft is continuing to back its augmented reality headset with three new games and a new application, with all now available on the Windows Store.

Apple Unveils Vision Pro: A $3,499 Headset That Blends AR and VR like Microsoft’s...

Apple’s Vision Pro launches to Mainstream AR/VR, but is it really a game-changer or a Microsoft HoloLens clone?

Microsoft: HoloLens 3 Will Happen, but the Update Must Be “Meaningful”

Microsoft says that it will build a HoloLens 3 headset by only when the company thinks there is value for customers.

Leak: Microsoft Unhappy with HoloLens 2 Partnership with US Army

A leaked memo suggests Microsoft thinks the US Army is unimpressed with HoloLens 2 IVAS amid $22 billion contract.

Microsoft Debuts Holographic Remoting App for Streaming Apps from PC to HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 users can use the Holographic Remoting app to stream more intensive apps from Windows 10 or Xbox One without using HMD resources.

Microsoft Discusses Upcoming Dynamics 365 Applications for Mobile and HoloLens

Microsoft has several new Dynamics 365 apps prepared for iOS, Android, and HoloLens. Four new apps will come to users in the coming months.
microsoft hololens development edition microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens Disappears from US Store, Sequel Imminent?

Is Microsoft planning to release the HoloLens 2 soon? The company’s first edition device is no longer available from its store in the United States.

HoloLens Gets First Porn App, the 3D Holo Girlfriend

Feeling lonely and in need of some love? Microsoft HoloLens has an app for that thanks to the 3D Hologroup’s 3D Holo Girlfriend.
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Microsoft Patent Points HoloLens Towards Open 3D Mapping Capabilities

The HoloLens ability to map and store a real environment in 3D could be developed into an ability to create a network of 3D maps for users to call upon.
Verto Studio D Official

Verto Studio 3D App Makes 3D Modeling on HoloLens Easy

The upcoming Verto Studio 3D application allows users to create 3D models and interact with them when wearing HoloLens. It is the first software of its kind for mixed reality.
Exanaview HoloLens App YouTube Screenshot WinBuzzer

HoloLens Exanaview App Allows 3D Spatial Mapping to Expand Environments

In a video demonstration, the Exanaview app uses HoloLens to change environments and show spaces beyond walls and doors. The software can create illusions of scale, or be used to map an actual environment beyond where the user is.
HoloStream App iOS Official

Developers Can Now Stream HoloLens Content to iOS with HoloStream App

Developed by Kazendi, the HoloStream app allows developers to stream from the HoloLens headset to iPad and iPhone. This allows people without a headset to see what is happening on Microsoft’s augmented reality device.

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