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Microsoft Windows Zero Day Exploit Now in the Wild Says Google Project Zero

Google Project Zero has disclosed a Windows vulnerability just seven days after it was first discovered by the team.

Google Project Zero Discloses GitHub Action Flaw Following Missed Fix Deadline

Google Project Zero has made public a severe vulnerability in GitHub Actions after the Microsoft-owned company did not act in time to issue a fix.

Google Project Zero Reveals Flaw in Windows SymCrypt

A vulnerability has been discovered in SymCrypt. Microsoft has told Google Project Zero the problem will be fixed in July.

Windows 10 Notepad Vulnerability Discovered by Google Project Zero

A Google Project Zero researcher has disclosed a memory corruption bug in Notepad, Microsoft’s basic text editor that first debuted in 1985.

Google Project Zero Discloses Windows 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability

According to Google Project Zero, Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform has a kernel flaw in 32-bit versions that gives bad actors escalating privileges.

Google Project Zero Discloses High Severity MacOS Kernel Security Flaw

A flaw in MacOS' XNU kernel could let attackers rewrite data used by highly privileged programs and possibly execute code at that level.
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Microsoft Edge: Google Project Zero Takes Issue with Widely Promoted ACG Protection

Microsoft Edge's Arbitrary Code Guard is well-implemented thanks to various fixes, but flaws in Microsoft's Content Flow Guard protection could leave PCs exposed.

Google Project Zero Discloses “High” Severity Windows 10 Flaw

Days after declaring a Microsoft Edge vulnerability, Google Project Zero has disclosed a Windows 10 security flaw which has been fixed.

Google Project Zero Warns Microsoft about Exclusive Windows 10 Patches

Microsoft's tendency to focus on Windows 10 security could leave Windows 7 vulnerable, says Google Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk. He points out several bugs that can be discovered by looking for discovered bugs in older OSes.

Google Project Zero: Web Fuzzer Discovered Three times More Safari Bugs than Edge

Google's Project Zero fuzzer found a total of seventeen bugs in Safari's Document Object Model, compared to six in Edge and two in Chrome. The company has since taken steps to remedy the issue.

Microsoft Fails to Properly Fix Google Project Zero Exploit in Windows 10, Allowing Kernel...

Microsoft has botched the patch of an exploit found by Google Project Zero, leaving a kernel memory access bug open to attackers. The threat has been classified as 'medium' and seems to be local only.
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Google Project Zero Exposes Microsoft Edge Vulnerability

A week after finding a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10, Google Project Zero is reporting on another flaw, this time in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
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Microsoft Finds Google Chrome Vulnerability, but is Project Zero Tasting its Own Medicine?

Microsoft’s Offensive Security Research team discovered a Chrome flaw, but has criticized Google’s approach to fixing it. However, this is not the hit against Project Zero that some may suspect.

Google Chrome Gets Two Emergency Security Patches

Google is sending out two security fixes to cover a pair of Google Chrome browser zero-day vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild.

Google Warns of Chrome Zero-Day on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google says there is a flaw in Google Chrome caused by a heap-buffer overflow in the V8 open-source web engine.

Google Discloses Chrome Attacks Targeting Windows and Android

Google Project Zero has detailed major exploits in the Chrome browser against Windows and Android that happened last year.
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November Patch Tuesday Fixes Internet Explorer Zero-Day

Microsoft’s November Patch Tuesday has made 74 fixes, including one for an Internet Explorer zero-day that has already been exploited.
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Google Confirms Android Zero-Day that Has Been Exploited

Google Project Zero has sent out a warning to Android users about a zero-day flaw that has been exploited across 18 devices.
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Trend Micro Reveals Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Flaw in Microsoft Jet Database Engine

A zero-day Microsoft Jet Database Engine flaw lets attackers craft files that enable remote code execution when opened affecting all major Windows versions. Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix for the issue.wor

GitHub and Google Announce Partnership to Allow Fast and Efficient CI

Google has teamed with soon to be Microsoft-owned GitHub to provide developers with fast, reliable, and easy Continuous Integration processes in the cloud.