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Microsoft Pledges $1.1 Billion Investment in Mexico, Including New Azure Region

Microsoft Mexico says it will invest $1.1 billion in the country over the next five years, with a new Azure region being created.

Google Scares Users Away from Using Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge

The Chrome Web Store now informs users that using extensions on Microsoft Edge is less secure. The warning is the latest in a series of tactics from Google to persuade a switch.

The New Microsoft Edge Will Get Extension Syncing This Month, History Sync in Summer

The new Microsoft Edge roadmap includes improved syncing, read aloud for PDFs, a share button, and much more.

Microsoft Edge Canary Boasts a 13% Performance Boost over Previous Versions

A Microsoft Edge Canary build includes new toolchain options that should have a demonstratable impact for those on mid-range machines.

Microsoft Edge’s Misinformation Fighting NewsGuard Extension Goes Paid

NewsGuard will now cost its fans $3 a month, but bundles new reliability score features and access to its upcoming mobile apps.

Chromium Edge Windows 10 Ads Target Firefox

Microsoft is using ads in the Windows 10 Start menu to pitch Chromium Edge to users of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Microsoft Edge Canary Adds Phone to Desktop Syncing, Multiple Profile Preferences

The Microsoft Edge Canary now lets users sync from any devices, though it doesn't include history, collections, and other important data.

Microsoft Edge Beta Now Blocks Dodgy Toolbars and Other Unwanted Apps

Microsoft Edge Beta can now choose to automatically blog the installation of toolbars, adware, and other unwanted programs.

Chromium Edge Could Get Custom Tile Bars For PWAs

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge already has colored tile bars for PWAs, but Microsoft is working on making them customizable.

Microsoft Pledges Carbon Negativity by 2030 but Its Ties to Big Oil Remain

Microsoft says it will remove all of its historical carbon emissions from the atmosphere by 2050 while committing to furthering research and legislation.

Chromium Edge ARM Support Reaches the Beta Channel

Native ARM support on Chromium Edge is now one step closer to a full release after moving to the Beta preview channel.

Chromium Edge Dev Channel Receives First Update of 2020

And it’s a big one. Chromium Edge users on the dev channel can now update to version 81 with seven new features available.

Google Stadia Is Currently Blocked on Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser

Chromium Edge users are being prompted to download Chrome when trying to use Stadia, with no option to continue to the service otherwise.

Microsoft Brings New Search Tools to Chromium Edge

Microsoft’s new search tools for Chromium Edge are now available on the Canary and Dev preview channels ahead of next month’s launch.

Microsoft Publishes Guide for Running Chromium Edge and Legacy Edge Together

Available for Pro and Enterprise users on Windows 10, it is possible to run Chromium Edge alongside the legacy Edge app.

Chromium Edge ARM Support Reaches the Dev Channel

Support for ARM devices on Chromium Edge is gathering pace but won’t be ready for the launch of the new browser.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Will Reach General Availability next Month

Chromium Edge will replace EdgeHTML in mid-January, automatically migrating compatible extensions and bringing many benefits to users.

Microsoft Opens Edge Addons Store for Submissions

Developers can now submit to the Microsoft Edge Addons Store, with existing Chromium extensions migrated automatically.

New Microsoft Edge Wizard Helps You Pin Web Apps to Your Taskbar

Microsoft Edge's Chromium Canary also contains the early stages of QR code webpage sharing for some users.

Microsoft’s Project Cortex Is Rolling out to Office 365, Enabling an Automatic Knowledge Network

Project Cortex automatically organizes relevant content into a knowledge base while delivering cards to users in Office applications to enhance their learning and provide fast access to relevant people and resources.


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