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Microsoft Give Users of Cortana Control Over Voice Recording Access

Microsoft says users of Cortana and other voice-enabled service can now opt in or out of allowing the company to accessing audio recordings.

Microsoft Teams Updates: Together Mode, Live Reactions, Cortana, Devices, and More

Microsoft has announced a slew of new features for Microsoft Teams, including new hardware as a reimagining of collaboration.

Microsoft Depreciates Legacy Edge and Removes Cortana in Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Microsoft has listed depreciated and removed features from Windows 10 May 2020 Update, including Edge and Cortana.

Windows 10: How to Translate with Cortana Using Voice Commands

The ability to translate with Cortana on Windows 10 makes it much faster to find phrases in other languages. Here’s how to use the voice assistant for translations.

Cortana Could Be Rebranded as Microsoft 365 Assistant following Productivity Push

Now that Cortana is productivity focused, Microsoft is reported to be ready to call the tool Microsoft 365 Assistant.

Cortana, But Not as You Know It – Microsoft Removes Features from its Virtual...

Microsoft has removed the personal heart from Cortana, completing a productivity focused transformation ahead of Windows 10 20H1.
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Report: Chinese Contractors Have Been Transcribing Skype and Cortana Audio With “No Security”

Microsoft reportedly hired Chinese contractors to review Skype and Cortana audio samples. One of those workers says passwords were sent via plaintext and work was done from home via a web portal.

Microsoft Patent Would Have Cortana Summarize Messages from Difference Sources

Microsoft's Patent appears to be the original concept for Outlook's Play My Emails feature, but hints that further summary from other sources may be possible.

Cortana on iOS and Android Shuttering Across All Markets Except the US

Microsoft has confirmed its Cortana app will be withdrawn from iOS and Android across international markets.

Invoke Speaker Users Say Microsoft has Removed Cortana

Complaints from Harman Kardon Invoke users suggest Cortana no longer works, making the smart speaker useless.

The Cortana App’s Latest Update Trades Jokes for New Productivity Skills

The Cortana beta's latest update temporarily cuts jokes, conversations, and timers in exchange for enhanced email and calendar integration.

Microsoft Updates Cortana on Windows 10 With Microsoft Teams Tools

Cortana on Windows now integrates more deeply with Microsoft Teams, while users on the Inside can control Windows settings by voice.

Ignite 2019: Cortana Can Now Read Your iOS Emails and Has a Male Voice...

Outlook for iOS' Play My Emails feature lets users get important email information without having to scroll, freeing them to perform other tasks.

Cortana on iOS Update Leaks with Male Voice and Outlook Integration

An upcoming update for Cortana on iOS has leaked online, showcasing the assistant with a male voice for the first time.

Windows 10 20H1 Preview 18980 Makes WSL and Cortana Improvements

The latest Windows 10 20H1 preview is now available to Insiders. Microsoft has added ARM64 device support into WSL 2.0.

Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 1903 Cortana CPU Problem but Breaks Start Menu Search

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday fixed a Cortana search CPU issue, but users of Windows 10 1903 say Start search is now broken.

Microsoft Contractors Earn Measly Wage for Transcribing Cortana

Microsoft has admitted its contractors listen to Cortana user commands, and it seems the company does not pay much for the role.
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Microsoft Admits That Humans May Listen to Your Skype Calls and Cortana Questions

Changes to Microsoft's privacy policies admit that human contractors sometimes review Skype Translator calls and Cortana requests.

Microsoft Updates Privacy Policy to Confirm Humans are Listening to Cortana Conversations

Microsoft has confirmed that it uses human contractors to listen to users on Cortana and Skype Translator, and will continue to do so.

Cortana’s Only Thermostat Ditches Her for Alexa and Google Assistant

As Cortana moves towards the enterprise, Johnson has removed Cortana from its Microsoft-partnered thermostat. Users will have to use Google Assistant or Alexa to retain functionality.


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